India has always been a witness to digital marketing changes. Google’s revolution changed everything in the early 90s. Since 2000 every year the internet is changing. From servers to HTTP, www, emailing, content that we see every day is changing continuously.

Honestly, in northern India, we have seen, that people are limited to google only when they think of digital marketing. At max people include facebook’s products & services but beyond that for them, digital marketing is still a dark side that is unable to see.

Digital Marketing in India for students

Without knowing anything & lack understanding students are running here & there to join digital marketing. Within the range of articles, we will focus on students too who want to join the digital marketing institute.

Digital Marketing from an influencer’s point of view

The world is full of opinions today, everyone has his own opinion so nobody is able to influence the internet. Influencers got an idea to misguide & spam, obviously not all of them. But this made the internet a mountain of garbage.

Digital Marketing in India for businesses

Of course, businesses want digital marketing, Indian market is too competitive so digital marketing is dominating sales & awareness. Businesses want to be popular like they were in ancient times, nothing changed in mentality.

But the problem grew when spammers came to them saying “Digital marketing will change everything without investment”. They offered services at a price that they were not able to serve digital marketing services as per the requirement. Businesses had no idea, not even today they have. So the market, services, and prestige went down. Obviously, we are not blaming businesses, it was always the greed for money.

Digital Marketing in India for interns

Like everybody, students got the idea of learning digital marketing from youtube 🤣🤣🤣 then they try to find vacancies for interns, thinking, the rest of digital marketing they can learn from these companies during the internship. In India, this is also a scam of digital marketing.

There are 2 types of digital marketing such interns can join, either they get internships from non-tech companies or shops like jewelry, manufacturers, educational institutes, or small companies without a digital marketing background, or alternatively,

if the case, they join a real digital marketing company then these companies make them work on backlinking, backlinking & so on. companies are also smart they get non-tech half information, the hardworking person in 3000 rs who can do clerk job for them.

They don’t get full knowledge & their career dooms. But of course, they save some thousands, that is not bad. No career but saved 40000 in hands.. what a comparison! that’s the worst decision. Companies want to revert if they are paying you, even the smallest amount as a digital marketing intern in India.


Here you have the topics, to know about digital marketing’s real face in India so that you can know how wrong you were! Digital Marketing in India, from point of view of interns, students & businesses. This article stops you from taking wrong decisions, it’s not that simple