Learn Expertising in techniques of making your content build presence on social media. By our advanced SMO Course.

Social Media Optimization is a use of social media network to manage and grow an organization’s message and online presence. It focus on keywords and use it in your social content which share the quality content to audience.

It is use to increase awareness of new products and services, connect with customers, and improve potential damaging new. Social media platforms can be used like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube.

We make you expert in SMO marketing and learn its strategies to grow pages on social media.


3 Months

Professional Certification

You get our Institute certificate, a few certificates from our clients, associates & companies. Also some reputed certificates from giants like Google, FB etc.



Social media marketing course syallbus

Introduction to Social Media MarketingUnderstanding the social media landscapeBenefits and limitations of different platforms
Building a Social Media StrategyDefining your target audience and brand voiceSetting SMART goals and objectives
Creating Engaging ContentDifferent types of content for different platforms (text, images, videos, stories, etc.Crafting compelling headlines and captions
Community Management & EngagementResponding to comments and messagesBuilding relationships with followers
Paid Advertising & PromotionUnderstanding different advertising formats (PPC, boosted posts, etc.)Targeting the right audience
Social Media Analytics & ReportingKey metrics to track (reach, engagement, conversions, etc.)Utilizing social media analytics tools
Advanced Social Media Marketing TechniquesUtilizing live streaming and social commerceIntegrating social media with other marketing channels
Ethical Considerations & Legal ComplianceData privacy regulations and user consentCombating misinformation and fake news
Build a Social Media Marketing CareerDifferent career paths and opportunitiesEssential skills and qualifications

What scope you have after doing Social Media Marketing course

Specialist Roles:

  • Social Media Manager: Craft and execute social media strategies, manage communities, analyze data, and report on progress.
  • Community Manager: Engage with audiences, build relationships, foster brand loyalty, and moderate online communities.
  • Content Creator: Develop compelling content (text, images, videos) tailored for specific platforms and audiences.
  • Paid Advertising Specialist: Create and manage social media ad campaigns, target audience segments, optimize bids, and analyze results.
  • Social Media Analyst: Track key metrics, interpret data, identify trends, and provide actionable insights for improved performance.

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Our Team : social media marketing trainers

Learn more about our knowledgeable trainers in digital marketing! With an astounding 8–15 years of practical expertise in a variety of digital marketing domains, such as SEO, social media, performance marketing, content marketing, and site design and development, our teachers are highly qualified. Some have even gone straight from conventional marketing into the digital sphere, working with the best B2B portals in India.