Advanced digital marketing course with Internship which helps you in the real job

(Course Duration : 3 Months)

How can this course help in getting a job?

First of all, how will this course help? Suppose you have done your digital marketing course and now you are searching for a job. No company wants to hire an employee who has only superficial knowledge and is incapable of doing the work, any company does not like such employees.
So, it is an advanced course which helps you in getting a real job. In our 3 months digital marketing course, we have included all types of advanced techniques that are prevalent in today’s time, even algorithms.
We have updated this course which is the latest. This course is with an internship. We also provide the facility of internship so that a student can learn practically all the work that he has to do in a company in the future.
We try our best to make our students capable of this even before they do the job.
Our placement support helps in preparing for various interviews. we ensure that you know the answers asked to you in interviews.
You are taught to do practical work so that if a company asks you to do some work in the interview, then you can show it to them.
From this kind of course, the student The future is expected to be strong

What makes this course advance? Knowledge or method, or both.

The main factors that make this course advanced are the intensity of this course which by providing qualified knowledge makes the student capable of taking the decision of digital marketing as per his/her own circumstances, so that the company that hires such students benefits. If you get it, companies will hire you if you have the ability.

Apart from this, you will have to take at least external assistance so that you can prove to be a better and useful candidate for your company, apart from this, this course will also help you in various areas of digital marketing such as advertising on Google and other platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc. Modules like email marketing, funnel building, AI prompt engineering provide additional knowledge which is not available in other courses.

Apart from these modules, this digital marketing course helps you to stay ahead of other candidates who apply for jobs with you, the special thing here is that we do not use old videos etc. to study so that the information remains updated. Whereas in other existing courses, PPTs and videos made from many versions have been used for reading, while this is a very dynamic career field, the updates coming every month are making the old courses more and more outdated. So this course in itself is an advanced course in which finally the facility of internship is also available which you can see by testing your existing knowledge closely.

As shown in the chart in this image, the advanced courses of digital marketing are always better anywhere in Delhi. New research, real projects for practice, & job demand. They are 80%-90% higher than a beginner course for students who want to get new admissions.

Our Core Modules (Advanced digital marketing course)

Social Media Marketing’s Modules

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Platforms & Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Community Building

  • Engagement

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Analytics & Measurement

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Keyword Research & Targeting

  • Profile Optimization

  • Content Optimization

  • Community Management

  • Social Listening & Monitoring

  • Influencer Marketing

Social Media Integrated Marketing

  • Funnel Flow Management

  • Interdependencies

  • Brand Development on social media

  • Pixel Integration

  • Automation

  • Cost Control

Search Engine Optimization’s Modules

Onpage SEO 

  • SEO Strategy Planning

  • Keyword Planning

  • Content Planning

  • Copywriting

  • Google Guidelines

  • Business Profiles

  • SEO on various technologies

Offpage SEO

  • Fundamentals of offpage optimization

  • Citation

  • Backlinking

  • Guest Posting

  • Content Submission

  • MOZ Matrix

Technical SEO

  • Performance Measurements

  • Understanding GSC & Analytics Tools

  • Understanding Merchant Center Tool

  • SEMRUSH & Ubersuggest

  • Longtrail Pro Tool

  • Google Tag Manager & Data Center

Search Engine Marketing’s Modules (ADs)

Primary Modules 

  • Google Ads Platform

  • Keyword Planning

  • PPC Budgeting & Bidding Strategies

  • Ad Copywriting

  • Google Ad Guidelines

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Case Studies

Secondary Modules

  • Understanding competition

  • AI generatives

  • Consumer behaviour on ads

  • Best Practices

  • Google Audience Selection

  • Bing & Other search engines

Google Ad Module 3

  • Ground Level Product/Industry/Business Fundamentals

Email Marketing’s Modules

  • Building & Managing Email Lists

  • Email Segmentation & Targeting

  • Email Design & Copywriting

  • Email Automation & Deliverability

  • Email Analytics & Reporting

  • Gmass & Mail Chimp Tool

Graphic Design’s Modules

  • Photoshop Fundamentals

  • Canva Mastery

  • Visual Branding & Creative Planning

  • AI Creatives

  • VN, Capcut & Other popular tools

  • AI Prompt Engineering in context

Whatsapp Marketing Module

  • Building & Managing Contact Lists

  • Whatsapp Business Platform

  • Whatsapp Chatbots

  • Automation

  • Whatsapp Content Strategy

  • Soft Sales

Web Designing Module

  • Working with Servers

  • Nameservers & Records

  • Installation wordspress

  • Content planning

  • Landing pages

  • Sitemaps

Youtube Marketing Module

  • Marketing Planning & Niches

  • Content Creation

  • Publishing

  • Analytics

  • Youtube SEO

Affiliate Marketing Module

  • Identifying profitable affiliate programs

  • Building affiliate traffic

  • Creating impactful affiliate content

  • Tracking and optimizing affiliate campaign

  • Dropshipping

100% Placement support, lifetime community access.

Advance Digital Marketing Course in Delhi (ADMCD) Curriculum

The information below is for overall idea only, for more information we can discuss face-to-face.

ModuleTopics CoveredDuration (Estimated)Learning Resources
Introduction to Digital MarketingDemystifying Digital Marketing1 weekLive sessions, interactive quizzes, industry case studies
SEO FundamentalsKeyword research, on-page optimization, link building, technical SEO audits2 weeksLive sessions, practical exercises, SEO tools training
PPC Advertising (Google Ads & Facebook Ads)Campaign set-up, targeting, bidding strategies, ad copywriting, conversion optimization2 weeksLive sessions, hands-on campaign management, PPC platform tutorials
Content Marketing MasterclassContent strategy, storytelling, blog writing, social media content creation, email marketing2 weeksLive sessions, guest lectures from industry experts, content creation tools training
Social Media Marketing for BusinessOrganic vs. paid strategies, audience engagement, social media analytics, influencer marketing 2 weeksLive sessions, platform-specific case studies, social media management tools training
Email Marketing for ConversionsBuilding an email list, crafting effective campaigns, automation workflows, segmentation strategies1 weekLive sessions, email marketing platform training, A/B testing exercises
Analytics & Data-Driven MarketingGoogle Analytics, website traffic analysis, conversion tracking, reporting & insights1 weekLive sessions, hands-on data analysis exercises, visualization tools training
Marketing the Whole World (Global Digital Strategies)Localization, cultural considerations, international SEO & PPC, global audience targeting1 weekLive sessions, expert insights from global marketing agencies, case studies
Affiliate Marketing PowerhouseAffiliate program selection, campaign management, tracking & optimization, influencer collaborations1 week
Live sessions, successful affiliate case studies, industry networking opportunities
InternshipApply your digital marketing skills to real-world projects at Cybertooth India, supervised by experienced professionals4 weeksProject-based learning, mentorship from industry experts, certificate of completion
Additional Resources:Access to exclusive online learning materials, Q&A sessions with instructors, community forum for peer supportThroughout the courseOnline learning portal, live Q&As, forum access

Our Special Advance Digital Marketing course Modules

Advanced Content Marketing Module

This advanced content marketing module is your secret weapon for career dominance. You’ll master crafting killer content that hooks audiences, learn to weave magic with interactive formats and become a data whiz, measuring success like a pro. Boom! Impress employers, crush campaigns, and watch your career skyrocket.

Content marketing
SEO basic

Search Engine Optimization Module

This SEO module is your key to unlocking online visibility. You’ll crack the code of search engines, master keyword magic, and become a website whisperer, optimizing content for top rankings. Boom! Drive traffic, dominate search, and watch your career soar.

Search Engine Marketing Module

Master the art of the paid search takeover! This SEM module turns you into a PPC ninja. Craft laser-targeted ads, conquer bidding strategies, and unleash the power of paid visibility. Boom! Generate leads, crush competition, and watch your career explode.

Search Engine Marketing parts
social media marketing post

Social Media Marketing Module

Become a social media magnet! This SMM module unlocks the secrets of engaging communities, crafting viral content, and mastering every platform. Boom! Build brands, ignite conversations, and watch your career go stratospheric.

Know Your Faculty

More than a dozen faculty members for different segments of digital marketing. A few of them are listed here.

(Social Media Marketing)

LLB/PGDCA | Experience: 5 years in social media marketing for SMEs & B2B.


PGDBM | Experience: 15 years in direct sales/SEO & with biggest portals like TradeIndia & IndiaMart marketing.


PGDBA | Experience: 2 years in digital marketing operations with Cybertooth India


Associate director in &


SEO manager with more than 4 year dedicated experience


6 years of experience in technologies like Java, react, PHP, and Python.

Advanced digital marketing course free demo class available

We believe in the ‘try-and-test’ formula, which is why we offer a free demo class for our Advanced Digital Marketing Course. This class is a demonstration of our training capabilities. Firstly, students can experience how an agency-first institute can train them differently from a regular institute.

We believe that if a student is trained at a place where they are giving a job interview, it is far better than learning from a regular institute. Secondly, our training material is not recorded, and there are no copies of the formulas we provide. We increase your adaptability because, at the end of the day, practical knowledge is what gives you an edge in your job.

So, welcome to our Advanced Digital Marketing Course program, where a free demo class is available. You will certainly notice the difference. After all, you take courses because you need a job. The idea is logical.

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Digital marketing advance course

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Batch Schedule for the course name- Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi (ADMCD)

ADMCD course is for 3 days from Monday to Saturday either M.W.F. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or T.T.S (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). Batch timings are flexible and are determined as per the student’s class capacity. This is real-time, so more information can be found out only by talking. Because batch times may vary under different circumstances.