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Corporate Exposure Course Highlights India's MOST PRACTICAL DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE World needs digital marketers like SEOs & SMOs not cave-man marketing skills. Our 1 demo class can show the difference. Never miss this unique experience.

Delhi Digital Guru is a digital marketing institute in Delhi. It’s a young institute, which is a sister concern of its parental company –  Cybertooth Incorporation. For us, it’s a legacy that we are continuing by adding a tint to it.  This tint adds the education industry to our work portfolio. This industry needs so many digital marketers! our aim is to fill the blank spaces. We train digital marketing students & fill this industrial gap with actual skills that can transform the way of business.

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Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi When you join Delhi digital guru, it’s not just you learn the course but you learn client interaction, you learn how to perform on a live floor, also you learn to handle multiple projects at one time. Time management is the key in digital marketing, we make you a performer. We increase your digital marketing knowledge depth. We train students practically even though 90% of course training is based on a practical model.
A Student can earn a course certificate, Internship certificate, and client-side recommendation certificates that can add significant value to their student portfolio & students can get benefits at the time of the interview. If you have the ability & passion to learn then you are fit for our training model. Be a researcher, not just an executive. Delhi Digital Guru is more than any “Just Institute” thing. So make a call to join our Free Demo Class which can change your all preconceived notions.

When it’s about learning & getting digital marketing certification, why not directly from a company? Delhi Digital Guru is not just an institute, it’s more than that- We are backed with cybertooth Incorporation.

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From Delhi Digital Guru

Delhi Digital Guru is one such institute where you get top-level professionals Our Intuitte ISO Certified, CT Certified & WFI Certified Institute. Also, we give more attention to practicals than theory. Our fees here are very less as compared to the other institute and are institute also located in Delhi its convenient to all other cities. also, we provide online classes all over the world. in our Delhi Digital Guru institute, we provide a quality education so people have a better tomorrow.

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Digital Marketing Institute for Everyone

Delhi Digital Guru is a premium “Online Marketing” training provider in India

Sharpness comes to practice only. Theory classes just give timepass because this is not a history you need to cram & learn. Our practical basis training is rare and most fast in the industry. Your kids earn certificates from our company. Institute & client this is like their first step in the real world.


You know the importance of digital marketing. When you know the procedure you can implement this knowledge into your business. You are confident, & you understand learning marketing will give your business a boost & decrease are dependencies, also you can organize your staff in a better way & implement it properly.


99% student got their first job already. We feel this proud moment when we are so close to our mission but this is not a destination. It’s just a beginning. Delhi Digital Guru is collaborating with 1000s of manufacturers & importers. Our after course program is helping student to get their first job.


A fantastic digital marketing course for professionals. If you are one of them who wants growth in their existing career then skills development is the only solution. Delhi Digital Guru provides, digital marketing education with unique practice on the floor which is actually a rare learning facility for professionals like you.


Homemakers are excellent. If you are one of those who believe in yourself then Delhi Digital Guru is your key to success. We know you don’t have a lot of time to stay along with any course for no reason. We just want to say you will learn fast if you earn from a company like us.  We have projects & a proper training structure.


Digital Marketing Placement Support

All the companies want efficient employees. They want people who can stand with their goals. After the course, our placement support will work for you. You need to make sure you are doing hard learning. It’s because digital marketing placement can work if you perform well in interviews.