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Delhi Digital Guru is a digital marketing institute that is located in Delhi. It’s a reputed & well-known institute today, which is a sister concern of its parental company –  Cybertooth Incorporation. We provide one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Delhi & NCR, to improve your excellency in your resume. So when you apply for the placement after this course, you can get the placement.

Practical & direct involvement with live digital marketing projects helps students to maintain performance in any company that hires you as a digital marketer.  In our institute – Delhi Digital Guru, the trainers are actually researchers who are working in the field of SEO when there were no digital marketing courses available. This journey started in 2007 when just one learning medium was available- the internet.

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Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi When you join Delhi digital guru, it’s not just you learn the course but you learn client interaction, you learn how to perform on a live floor, also you learn to handle multiple projects at one time. Time management is the key in digital marketing, we make you a performer. We increase your digital marketing knowledge depth. We train students practically even though 90% of course training is based on a practical model.
A Student can earn a course certificate, Internship certificate, and client-side recommendation certificates that can add significant value to their student portfolio & students can get benefits at the time of the interview. If you have the ability & passion to learn then you are fit for our training model. Be a researcher, not just an executive. Delhi Digital Guru is more than any “Just Institute” thing. So make a call to join our Free Demo Class which can change your all preconceived notions.

When it’s about learning & getting digital marketing certification, why not directly from a company? Delhi Digital Guru is not just an institute, it’s more than that- We are backed with cybertooth Incorporation.

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Delhi Digital Guru is one such institute where you get top-level professionals Our Institute is ISO Certified, CT (Cybertooth)Certified & WFI (Web Flow India) Certified Institute. Also, we give more attention to practicals than theory. Our fees here are very less as compared to the other institute and are institute also located in Delhi its convenient to all other cities. also, we provide online classes all over the world. in our Delhi Digital Guru institute, we provide a quality education so people have a better tomorrow.

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Delhi Digital Guru is the most concerned organization for students. At DDG institute, we always think in place of students that what modules students want. They never face any issues in our course structure.

Digital Marketing Course Modules For Every Student

Website is the most common and important part of any business because it shows your online presence. It helps to take your business online and earn more benefits. Every client or customer has seen your website first and then interact with your organization.

  • Introduction of WordPress.
  • How to install WordPress.
  • How to connect domain and hosting
  • Which point is important while installing
  • How to setup author profile
  • How to set theme, post, page, menu, add an image and video, etc.

Learn these steps in our special course. We can provide every single piece of information about this topic. We share every important point for every business website that helps to create the best.

  • Introduction to different types of content (Blogs, websites, eBooks)
  • Brainstorming to develop content ideas
  • Powerful keyword research
  • Observing content development
  • Formula to write appropriate content
  • Do and Don’ts of writing
  • Difference between evergreen and trending content
  • Creation of informative content

As we all are aware of how important Content is for every business. It’s true to say that content is king. We offer content writing education to our students which is our primary module under this category. We provide our students that which point is important in content writing, different formulas to write appropriate content, perform powerful keyword research, and provide them the details of common issues.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of ranking. It helps your website to rank on the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) on Google.

  • What is SEO?
  • How many types of SEO?
  • How to optimize our website?
  • How to improve ranking with 3 easy steps?
  • Which technique (White hat, Grey hat, Black hat) is better and different.
  • Know the latest Google algorithm.

Know the best effective SEO strategy from our organization with easy steps. If you learn these steps and skills then you will be an expert after the course. Our organization design course for every person because this is a very trendy course for every age group. After the course, you can handle any business and take the hipe.

  • Business-related keyword planning
  • Grouping of business keywords
  • Review
  • Establishing addresses
  • White page listing
  • Google/Yahoo for business
  • Facebook local
  • Local SEO directories and basics

Grab your local visibility and learn how to establish a business profile with an introduction to keyword planning with our experts present at Delhi Digital Guru. We provide our students with the best SEO course in Delhi, to help our students get enough knowledge of SEO as well as local SEO, national SEO, and many more. You will be given extreme knowledge of local SEO with its directories associated with it along with the ultimate process of grouping keywords.

  • Introduction to Webmaster
  • Site dashboard
  • Search appearance- HTML improvements
  • Solve the error(crawl but not index, discover but not index)
  • Search traffic-search analytics
  • Penguin and Panda updates
  • Crawl Fetch as Google and robots. Txt
  • Get back your website’s penalty from Google
  • If you are willing to make your business get found in the search result, join the digital marketing course at Delhi Digital Guru. Once you enroll yourself, we will assure you to get deep knowledge about the latest updates by Google that will enable you to understand Google webmaster and its exclusive techniques easily.
  • Introduction to Graphic Designing
  • Role of a designer in the field
  • The best process for designing
  • Design elements for the best post
  • 6-major elements of design
  • Basic editing in illustrator and photoshop

Be ready to upgrade your creative skills and step into the world of designing with our facility. Join our digital marketing course in Delhi and get complete information about graphic designing, its significance, job roles, elements of designing, and many more. Get basics to illustrating and know about different tools present in the area of graphic designing. We have professional trainers who carry years of experience in this field and are full of knowledge regarding graphic designing and more.

  • Introduction to Email marketing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Email marketing
  • Effective Email messages structure
  • The best rules for successful Emailing
  • Ways to write different types of Email
  • How to set automation rules?
  • Defining goals and objectives of an Email campaigning

One of the most obvious advantages of email marketing is its low cost in comparison to other marketing channels. Our digital marketing institute strongly takes an edge to mold you into a complete marketer inclusive of teaching every aspect of digital marketing. In Email marketing, you will be liable to have various ways to write an effective Email, along with that you will also learn how to create a newsletter and define the ultimate goal and objective for your Email campaigning along with constant construct.

  • What is content marketing?
  • The objective of content marketing
  • Analyzing the keyword for content
  • Strategy steps for building process in content
  • Sessions about authority blogging
  • Various content generation techniques
  • How to grab Project for content writers?

Spread the word thoroughly and more effectively with content marketing strategies. Our professionals at Delhi Digital Guru are right here to assist you with the ways how content marketing works, what are its major objectives, and the strategic building process for relevant content and ideas. With us, you will also explore another side of how to grab freelance projects for content writing as well as know our secret strategies to move forward in optimizing your articles, blogs, and collaterals.

  • Introduction of E-commerce basics
  • Steps to selling
  • Building customers trust
  • Web marketing and promotion techniques
  • Successful strategies for Email marketing

Know the use of and importance of eCommerce marketing, with us to learn and practice using promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store. Our strategy will help you in converting that traffic into paying customers and retaining those customers post-purchase in an efficient manner. You will also be given information about how to sell products easily and get negotiation with auditory customers, online as well as offline.

  • Basics of the lead generation module
  • Why do most businesses want lead generation?
  • Solutions to lead generating campaigns
  • Promotion of your campaigns for free
  • What type of Facebook Ads works the best for lead generation?
  • Weekly check-in on all new leads
  • Converting new emails leads to sales

At first, the topic seems as easy as it spells but generally it takes time and expert knowledge to get through it. We, at Delhi Digital Guru, assure you to attain easy solutions leading to generating the right campaigns with the right revenues. You will also get to know weekly check-ins on all new leads and get information about how to nurture new emails with new conversions, all day, every day.

  • Video and Audio clips for editing
  • The timeline and basic editing tools
  • Subclipping in Adobe, After effect
  • Video and Audio from multiple recordings
  • Color grading styles, text, and titles
  • Adding beautiful background
  • The final cut, exporting and uploading online
  • Picture in tutorials

Video editing can be proven useful for your personal as well as professional field. To know more about the digital world, join Delhi Digital Guru. Our internet marketing institute lays an equal emphasis on all our students who have ever joined us for any other courses at DDG. We provide the most useful knowledge which acts as a key to blending images and sounds to make us feel connected whether it is a short film to capture or a whole lot of movies. One can have a clear understanding of sub-clipping in Adobe premiere pro which will further sync video and audio both from multiple recordings keeping in check colors, grading styles, text, and different colors.

  • The basics of online reviews for businesses
  • How to claim and confirm a business profile?
  • Using visual tools in order to earn better
  • Trying business card techniques
  • Earn positive review courses
  • How to get ORM alerts on regular basic
  • Case study of ORM

Take control of the online conversation of your brand. The future brand by knowing the basics of online reputation management techniques with our institute. We, at Delhi Digital Guru, help you learn about different visual tools to let you earn better thereby eliminating the aspect of negative reviews so that people find the right materials when they look you up on the Web. We also let you create many ways to enable a positive brand of the image online, which will also assist you to have secret tips having to move ahead in ORM.

  • Learn attractive behavior
  • Business mixers
  • The best Meet and greet technique
  • The art of introduction
  • Conversations do’s and don’ts
  • Body talks (silently)
  • Job interview preparation and presentation

Whenever you planned to step into the world of having a job for a long time, you must be well-defined to certain areas which are prerequisites for any job seeker to know about. We, at Delhi Digital Guru, believe to groom you with your personality and development thereby making you job-ready. We initiate by letting you understand the company and job type which may fit appropriate to your skills and abilities. Our the best formula and facility will surely help you get onto better things and an ideal job for your career.

  • Introduction to digital marketing strategies
  • Ways to write follow-up Emails
  • Push statement
  • Facebook marketing strategies
  • YouTube channel setup, step by step
  • Promotional strategies
  • Creating conversation content
  • CPA basics, platforms, and marketing

Since we all know how diverse the term digital marketing is, this one requires a complete understanding of how, when, and in what ways digital marketing works via gaining knowledge from an internet marketing school. To ensure you and your business reach the first page of Google, we will introduce you to various remarkable strategies such as how to write an appropriate Email, YouTube channel set up, affiliate marketing as well as CPA basics for creating relevant conversation in content.

  • What is Google Adsense?
  • Difference between Adsense and Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense account optimization
  • Integrate Adsense with WordPress
  • What is an Ad unit?
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Adsense
  • Top 10 Adsense earning websites
  • Ways to get paid by the Google
  • Top 5 WordPress themes
  • The future of Adsense

It is broadly referred to as the program which is run directly by Google and has proven helpful to blow Ads that are administered and sorted by Google. Gain knowledge about Google Adsense every step of the way with our Institute, where we teach our students from the most basic, which is, via helping to create Adsense accounts and then optimize them. Delhi Digital Guru institute professionals are dedicated to providing students with different ways to get paid by Google, which will also decide the significance and the future of Adsense.

  • Google search settings
  • Google advanced search
  • Introducing Google Apps and cloud computing
  • Sharing and collaborating with Google Apps
  • Writing formulas
  • Creating of charts
  • Adding transitions and animations
  • Downloading and uploading files
  • Sharing files online
  • Working with headers and footers

There is no such human brain that can be and work as fast as Google does, therefore in regard to that, Google hack strategies are necessary to take into account. We groom our students with Google advanced search by sharing and collaborating with various Google Apps along with written formulas and sharing different files online so as to make you thorough with the knowledge. Get thorough with the knowledge and work with the headers and footers of your website.

  • What is Data Analytics?
  • Usage of Data Analytics
  • Data Mining for Business Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Verification/Bots/Fraud & Viewability:
  • Hands-on learning for different tools and techniques

Data Analytics in MBA under Digital Marketing is our second module if you opt for post-graduation Digital Marketing in India. Amplify your skills with Delhi Digital Guru in the field of Data analytics by achieving knowledge from professionals that offer real-time assignments and projects regularly, for your better understanding. If you are looking for the best institute for data analytics in Delhi, Delhi Digital Guru institute is the right platform wherein you will be known to various tools and techniques which has been the buzzword in the 21st century.

  • Basic introduction to marketing analysis
  • What are the different types of market analysis
  • Know your market audience
  • Focus on your niche
  • Know how the competitors work

A key part to focus on any business, whether digitally or traditionally lies in the fact with market and marketing analysis. Join a specific Digital marketing course online and know-how to analyze the market and its value. Here, Delhi Digital Guru will learn a wide variety of how the demographics are segmented in reliance on the niche of your potential customers. Learn how to have a thorough quantitative as well as qualitative assessment at Delhi Digital Guru, and outreach your competitors.

  • What is Web Analytics?
  • Difference between Digital and web analytics
  • How does web analytics work?
  • Building blocks for web analytics
  • Research and assessment

Know-how the ways to learn web analytics at our digital marketing institute in Delhi are dedicated to helping students meet the escalating demand to classify an analyst’s ability to demonstrate the application of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions through behavior that is directly related to the process of web analytics taught by the professionals who have excelled in the particular field with immense research, assessment and the development of the real-world project to provide success to the organization’s goals.

  • Creation of an effective strategy
  • Know-how in-depth about the marketing analysis
  • Keep a check on the competitor’s strategy
  • Developing a marketing mix with the 4Ps strategies
  • Having the SWOT Analysis
  • Defining the goals and KPIs
  • How to keep a check on your pricing strategy?
  • How to create an actionable marketing strategy
  • Execution of the marketing strategy

We intend to let you focus on the creation, timing, and placement of specific campaigns which must include the metrics that will measure the outcomes of marketing efforts. This will have a great impact on the marketing strategy knowing in-depth about what must be focused on. Join the best online marketing course at Delhi Digital Guru and learn about simple marketing tools, anecdotes, facts about your company, and many more. We believe in providing our students with the best knowledge from the beginning till the end of the course.

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You know the importance of digital marketing. When you know the procedure you can implement this knowledge into your business. You are confident, & you understand learning marketing will give your business a boost & decrease are dependencies, also you can organize your staff in a better way & implement it properly.


99% student got their first job already. We feel this proud moment when we are so close to our mission but this is not a destination. It’s just a beginning. Delhi Digital Guru is collaborating with 1000s of manufacturers & importers. Our after course program is helping student to get their first job.


A fantastic digital marketing course for professionals. If you are one of them who wants growth in their existing career then skills development is the only solution. Delhi Digital Guru provides, digital marketing education with unique practice on the floor which is actually a rare learning facility for professionals like you.


Homemakers are excellent. If you are one of those who believe in yourself then Delhi Digital Guru is your key to success. We know you don’t have a lot of time to stay along with any course for no reason. We just want to say you will learn fast if you earn from a company like us.  We have projects & a proper training structure.


Sharpness comes to practice only. Theory classes just give timepass because this is not a history you need to cram & learn. Our practical basis training is rare and most fast in the industry. Your kids earn certificates from our company. Institute & client this is like their first step in the real world.


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All the companies want efficient employees. They want people who can stand with their goals. After the course, our placement support will work for you. You need to make sure you are doing hard learning. It’s because digital marketing placement can work if you perform well in interviews.