The crush among the youth for doing a digital marketing course after 12th is increasing, one of the biggest reasons for this is that a great opportunity to enter the industry is through a digital marketing course. When this course works for you, then Probably your graduation is also not completed. After 12th you are able to be admitted only in the first year and you get knowledge of digital marketing after which you can apply to an IT company with the increasing craze and 9 jobs. Due to the immense possibilities, you also get a good salary. This is an emerging career which is attracting a lot of students.

A student who has passed class 12th from any board has often crossed the age of 18 years for which he starts looking towards jobs for which he needs the use of skill development which requires an easy way for digital marketing. Which is done quickly and also provides a good job.

  • After 10+2, you can do a course in social media marketing. In this course, information about platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit is given.
  • There is a huge audience on these social media platforms who spend a lot of their time on these platforms.
  • These platforms have their own market, on which every digital marketing company tries to market.
  • This platform helps you whether you promote your client’s products on these platforms and sell them yourself, either organically or continue advertising as taught in social media marketing courses.
  • If you master it, you get a job as a social media optimizer.
  • If you become an expert in placing ads on social media, then you can become an ad export on social media and work in a company in which your salary will be between ₹ 25000 to ₹ 40000. Digital marketing jobs are available in Delhi and state capitals of India and big cities of every state.
  • A student can start his career with the job of Social Media Marketing Executive.

After all, why is this course becoming popular only after class 12th?

There are three reasons for this the maturity of the student is potentially higher after the 12th, due to this the student understands more about marketing, so it is more beneficial to learn this course after the 12th because you can understand marketing in a better way after the 12th. You can understand that age maturity is also important for some things.
Secondly, after doing a digital marketing course, a student does not have to wait for completion of graduation to do a job. Right now in 2024, there are many such agencies that can hire you even after graduation, if any hiring standard is made after this then it is a different matter.
The third reason for this is that the minimum age for doing a job in India is 18 years, so after 10+2 class, students of CBSE, ICSE, etc. boards are above 18 years of age or are about to do so.
So at this time, students want to stand on their own feet and at this time their families also start encouraging them for jobs. Since there is no government age restriction, people can now do jobs after 18 years. Due to their desire to become self-reliant, an undergraduate student wants to do this course at the right time so that he can become self-reliant, which is a good thing.


Digital Marketing course is a complete course in itself which can provide jobs and help in becoming self-reliant. Due to the increasing inclination of people towards jobs due to the absence of government restrictions, and the desire of the students to be self-reliant, (10+ 2) After and before completion of graduation, it is a wise thing to do this course because Digital Marketing course is important for all the students who want to work in this field,
This is very easy to do after 10+2, that is why we give you practical advice which is popular among the common people.