New Delhi,  is full of scams today, one of them is the digital marketing institute scam. First of all, you need to understand, this article is not pointing at everyone, but if you are the victim then this is the time you should be aware of this. Education is not a scam but the unrealistic dreams behind the wish are scams.

We run an online marketing training institute & this is a common question every student who is planning to learn digital marketing from any institute in Delhi (i never found anyone who did not ask it in some way) – “How much I can earn after I do a digital marketing course?”. Or what are income possibilities after blogging? or What would be my first salary? etc.

There are many questions but the intention is the same. It seems like students want to achieve something before coming into the industry.

In this article, our main focus is to let you know if you are in Delhi & you do a digital marketing course then how far you can expect to extend your thought boundaries. Read these one by one, because after reading this your thoughts will change. Trust us you are not ready to afford reality.

What is the job dream even on the first day of admission to the Digital marketing institute in Delhi?

Don’t get confused, students who come to any institute in Delhi ask the same question. The reason behind their questions is they want to achieve it very quickly. Maybe they heard somewhere about becoming rich in 20 days like the movie – Heraferi’s “Double in 20 days formula”.

Until it was uncommon for us could ignore this question, but now when everyone is asking the same question we get a little concerned about what’s happening around us, every student comes with a dream to earn more than 50000 to 1 lac per month.

The digital marketing scam, we are talking about

However, this is not impossible but not as easy as most students think. It seems like companies are waiting for students to distribute 50000 to 100000 per head. No, that is not the truth. It’s a scam.

Like other educational streams like engineering, medicine, and hotel, this is also another white-collar industry where you have to earn experience before you earn money.

Maybe these guys are very impressed with impossible promises in ads, or in some YouTube channels where everything is overrated to earn subscribers.

Selecting a digital marketing institute wrongly is the first bad step

We know there are ads that can say a 499 rs course can change our lives, people will show students they earned an Audi car, a home, an office. They will show you their cheques as income proof but we warn you – “Don’t buy scams.

This scam not only costs money but more than wastes your hours additionally it highjacks your simple straight thoughts. Look around you, your parents how much it is difficult to survive.

One thing we can make a promise is if you work hard & learn with honesty one day you can achieve this through your hard work. 

Today, every computer institute has a common thing to show you, you can do a digital marketing course from anywhere. Photoshoppers, YouTubers, and programmers all are offering this course in their institutes. But you need to find the best. Now I give you an example of my digital marketing institute- Our trainers have experience in selling, and marketing & 17 years in SEO, and 15 years in social media. We provide you with corporate support from a digital marketing company since 2007 – Cybertooth Incorporation.

But still, if you want to learn digital marketing at 499 rs then download courses 10000 trainers are there.

What’s wrong with this daydream in this digital marketing institute scam?

There is nothing right or wrong in dreaming. If you have plans to execute your ideas the dreams become reality. I want to share one more thing – I saw a status of a new digital marketing student – “I don’t want to make a career, I want to make history”. This is called exposure, we say just try to achieve but don’t sound shitty. Don’t try to overwhelm nature because the universe is like when we are ready for something, we are allowed to do it.

Who is responsible for making you unrealistic?

Unethical information on social media, youtube & ads which claim like earn 10000 rs daily with mobiles. Some digital marketing institutes offer 100% placement… You say “is this possible to promise?”.

If you want to jump into the well you can never get well again. Be ready for what comes back to you.

The bad part is some digital marketing schools are promoting this unreal phenomenon.

It’s hard to believe some digital marketing institutes are promising fake. 100% job to everyone. These guarantee schemes do not work. At the end of your course, you would know this is an impossible promise from these institutes.

Role of YouTubers who work in the digital marketing niche.

This is actually another root of a digital marketing course scam. Some YouTubers want subscribers & payouts from youtube & they do this scam for this only. They do not care about you or your problems. This is not TV. It’s youtube & there is no regulatory where you can complain. 10000s of students every year fall into this scam. Youtubers show you some photoshop cheques & edited screens. If you follow them blindly then this is not advisable.

Now the answer time,

What is the reality when you finish the digital marketing course?

Like every other industry, in the education industry also you have to prove yourself. Yes, this industry has high potential than any other industry (around 300-600% growth & demand every year). But it never means you don’t need to do hard work or you will not face competition. Where ever you take admission (any great institute), you have to practice a lot, you have to make decisions on your own, and you have to face competition.

Of course, if you are good, you will get a job, but this never means “without an interview”. Like any other industry, you have to show your eligibility.

The job potential of this industry is comparatively higher than other industries, it was growing in economic slumps too even with 300%, so you have a good chance, but it never means “without knowledge you can win”.. no & never.

And first and last thing is: Never choose shortcuts in your life.

The salary you should expect in the digital marketing industry.

This is a tricky question – Based on eligibility we have seen digital marketing students getting hired at 10000 to 30000 per month. But after 1 year most of them start getting double or triple the amount. This salary restriction is until you are experienced in it.

How easy or tough to get a job in this digital marketing industry?

Again eligibility is the factor for digital marketing students, no knowledge then no job, less knowledge means less salary. Job opportunities are higher than in any other industry you can know, which means you have a lot of interview options.

More options mean you can get a job in less time. The game-changer factor is your knowledge. Keep remembering you can’t cheat the person who takes your interview & he meets 10 digital marketing job seekers like you every day. So keep working on your digital marketing knowledge.

Advice for digital marketing students of any institute in Delhi

We are writing for Delhi based institute but this is not the only place where it happens. Institutes in Delhi are the common education destination for students so we are just trying to tell you the factors:

  • Close your eyes when you see this – 100% job guarantee
  • Do it from some reputed institute
  • Know the duration of the course
  • This is a practical course so know about practical classes
  • Again… Don’t take shortcuts, & don’t watch scam dreams, be realistic & think this is also a kind of job, you have to do hard work.