Reasons old PPTs & video training material don’t help much in learning digital marketing.

An updated informational course is digital marketing. Your corroded course materials are not reliable. We don’t specifically target anyone, but certain institutions struggle to generate videos, so they can’t consistently shoot them. The creation of new digital marketing training videos involves a lot of human resources, writing strategies, and infographics.

Nature of the digital marketing industry:

It’s continuously changing, we have seen a phase when websites used to rank with keyword stuffing, or increasing backlinks, it was the era of 1998-2005. The reason was search engines were un-updated, with less information. Years went away, and they are continuously updating.

Do you know “Google updated itself 375 (approx) times last year in 2020? This means more than 1 update per day.

Your year-old digital marketing training video can’t work

The answer is no actually, you can’t trust these course videos.

Stuff you need to prepare a great quality digital marketing course training material?

  1. Time & is the primary ingredient to make training material. Also, an institute must have a good workforce of talented people who can make videos & PPT presentations.
  2. Graphic Designer: In order to create good stuff, you need to create a lot of image infographics so the institute must have a graphic designer.
  3. Video Publisher: You need a video production unit with some lighting arrangements that can prepare videos on regular basis.