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Is there any future in digital marketing?2022-07-29T15:20:04+05:30

Ans. There are many job options after completing the Digital Marketing course eg. Digital Marketing Executive, Search engine optimization, Social Marketing Optimization, Google Adword Executive.

Is the Digital Marketing course helpful for 12th pass-out students?2022-07-29T13:23:46+05:30

Ans. Yes,  if you are fresher and looking for a job then Digital Marketing is a big opportunity for you.

Do I need to have strong IT skills to do Digital Marketing course?2022-07-29T13:17:22+05:30

Ans. No, you don’t need a strong It skills for doing a Digital Marketing course

Is this Digital Marketing Course useful for Freelancers?2022-07-29T13:14:07+05:30

Ans. Yes, a Digital marketing course is very useful for freelancer.

Do you provide internship?2022-07-29T13:09:58+05:30

Ans. Yes, we provide internships.

Do you provide job placement?2022-07-29T13:06:45+05:30

Ans. Yes, we provide placement.

how many days have a course duration?2022-07-29T13:04:50+05:30

3 months is the time duration for this courses

should I need to pay facebook for an ad?2022-07-29T12:54:28+05:30

Ans. Yes you need to pay Facebook for ad

Do I really need a website?2022-07-29T12:49:24+05:30

Ans. Yes, you need a website for promoting your product or service and practice and learning for students

How to register for course?2022-07-29T12:30:35+05:30

Ans: You can register by filling an application form.

Do we help you with Google & Facebook digital marketing certificates?2022-07-29T12:29:31+05:30

Ans: Yes, we not only provide you our institute certificate but also certificates of digital marketing from Google and Facebook.

Why you can directly apply for a job & you don’t need an internship?2022-07-29T12:27:40+05:30

Ans: We interact you to client directly. You will work on  website, blog, pages, portfolios, etc. which gives you experience of company work.

Do we provide crash courses for modules like SEO, SMO, etc?2022-07-29T12:19:52+05:30

Ans: Yes, we provide crash course for both.

How Delhi Digital Guru is affiliated with Cybertooth incorporation?2022-07-29T12:08:18+05:30

Cybertooth incorporation is the parent of Delhi Digital Guru. You will take a support of this company for enhancing your skills.

Why do you need to know website designing to become a digital marketer?2022-07-29T11:46:02+05:30

For digital marketing design of a website play a vital role. You need to understand basics of web design so that you can present your marketing skills.

What are career opportunities after joining a digital marketing course?2022-07-29T11:22:09+05:30

There is a wide range of jobs after digital marketing courses like mobile marketing, Manager, Web designer, Web developer, SEO, SEM, etc. but all of these need good skills.

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