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Is there any future in digital marketing?2023-10-10T15:43:29+05:30

Ans. There are many job options after completing the Digital Marketing course eg. Digital Marketing Executive, Search engine optimization, Social Marketing Optimization, Google Adword Executive.

One of the Key Advantages of Digital Marketing Course by Delhi digital guru.

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum covering all essential aspects of digital marketing.
  • Practical and hands-on training to develop real-world skills and expertise.
  • Industry-relevant case studies and examples for better understanding and application.
  • Experienced faculty with expertise in digital marketing and industry insights.
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals and like-minded peers.
  • Certification upon completion, enhancing credibility and employability.
  • Access to the latest tools, techniques, and trends in the digital marketing industry.
  • Personalized mentorship and guidance for career growth and advancement.
  • Continuous learning and support through webinars, workshops, and alumni network.
  • Placement assistance and internship opportunities to kickstart your career in digital marketing.
Is the Digital Marketing course helpful for 12th pass-out students?2023-10-28T16:20:57+05:30

Ans. Yes,  if you are fresher and looking for a job then Digital Marketing is a big opportunity for you.

First, congrats! on choosing Digital Marketing. It’s a very lucrative field. More than 3 billion people are using the Internet, and more are coming every day.

It’s a hell of a party.

Now, coming to your question. If you want to learn Digital Marketing you’ll have to learn a lot. Digital Marketing is a superset of a lot of different marketing methodologies. Some of them are…

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Paid Advertising (They are of a lot of types)
  5. Social Media Marketing

Embarking on a digital marketing course as a 12th pass-out student can be like opening a door to a world of possibilities in the digital realm. Here’s how it can uniquely benefit you:

  1. Digital Playground: In the ever-expanding digital landscape, you’re entering a dynamic playground where your fresh perspective and creativity can shine. Digital marketing thrives on innovative ideas, making it an excellent field for young minds.
  2. The Age of Self-Starters: The beauty of digital marketing is that you can be a self-starter. You don’t need a fancy degree to kickstart your career. With the right skills and knowledge, you can launch your own campaigns or assist others in theirs.
  3. Fusion of Tech and Creativity: It’s the sweet spot where technology and creativity meet. Whether you’re tech-savvy or have a flair for writing, design, or storytelling, there’s a niche in digital marketing waiting for your unique talents.
  4. No Boundaries: Digital marketing transcends geographical boundaries. You can work for local businesses, and global brands, or even explore international freelance opportunities, all from the comfort of your computer.
  5. Real-World Impact: You’ll be learning skills that translate into real-world impact. From boosting a local business’s sales to raising awareness about a social cause, your digital marketing campaigns can drive tangible change.
  6. The Certification Advantage: Completing a digital marketing course often comes with the perk of industry-recognized certifications. These badges of expertise can set you apart in the job market and open doors to exciting opportunities.
  7. Entrepreneurial Edge: Dreaming of starting your own venture? Digital marketing know-how is an entrepreneurial edge. You’ll be equipped to promote your startup, build an online presence, and reach a global audience.
Do I need to have strong IT skills to do Digital Marketing course?2023-10-06T14:49:53+05:30

Ans. Although strong IT skills are not required for a digital marketing degree, having a fundamental understanding of computers is crucial. It might be helpful to be familiar with digital technologies like email marketing platforms and social media sites. For analytics purposes, some familiarity with data analysis and spreadsheet use may be necessary. Although they might be useful, coding and graphic design abilities are not always required. Writing abilities are crucial for content development since successful digital marketing depends on high-quality material. Numerous skill levels are catered for in courses, which typically begin with the basics and progressively advance. Those who want to become digital marketers can pick up the specialized IT skills they require.

Do you provide internship?2022-07-29T13:09:58+05:30

Ans. Yes, we provide internships.

Do you provide job placement?2023-10-06T16:05:56+05:30

Ans. The way you respond should be based on the talents you have and the internship opportunity that is open. This is what it indicates:

  • Consider the internship: Think on the internship’s purpose and the requirements for applicants.
  • Consider your abilities: Consider your strengths and the contributions you can make to the internship.
  • Compare the two: Your response should demonstrate how your qualifications complement what they’re seeking in an intern.

So, depending on what they require and what you can accomplish, you basically need to demonstrate how you are a good fit for the internship. Your response should be brief and to the point.

how many days have a course duration?2023-10-06T16:26:05+05:30

This course is of 3 months and in this 3 month course you learn and practice SEO, SMO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Email Marketing. In Search Engine Marketing (SEO) you learn about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO. In SMO you learn about profile setup and optimization, paid advertising, analytics and monitoring, content creation. And in Google Ads we will also tell you about search ads, display ads and video ads. And throughout this course you will learn more than 20 tools.

Do I really need a website?2024-02-20T17:26:24+05:30

Ans. Yes, you need a website for promoting your product or service and practice and learning for students.

In the digital age, having a website tells consumers you are serious about your business. The site needs to communicate that you are credible and if I do business with you, you will perform the task communicated or deliver the article that is for sale.

  1. Traffic: The first thing your website needs to do for your business is bring new customers to the site. We call this search engine optimization.
  2. Credibility: Your site needs to have the proper information about what you do. Your development company will spend time talking to you to understand your unique market position.
  3. Engagement: Users to your site will want to engage with your company if, you have what they need.

Getting the right users to the site, and giving them the information they need to make a decision are super important.

Do we help you with Google & Facebook digital marketing certificates?2023-10-28T11:47:13+05:30

Ans: Yes, we not only provide you our institute certificate but also certificates of digital marketing from Google and Facebook.

Yes, we can help you with Google & Facebook digital marketing certificates. We can provide you with the resources and support you need to prepare for and pass the exams.

Here are some ways we can help:

  • Provide you with access to our comprehensive library of learning materials, including practice exams and quizzes.
  • Connect you with experienced mentors who can guide you through the learning process and answer your questions.
  • Offer you personalized feedback on your progress and help you identify areas where you need to improve.
  • Help you develop a study plan and stay on track with your learning goals.
Why you can directly apply for a job & you don’t need an internship?2023-10-28T11:46:07+05:30

Ans: We interact you to client directly. You will work on  website, blog, pages, portfolios, etc. which gives you experience of company work.

You can directly apply for a job without an internship for a few reasons:

  • Internships are not required for all jobs. Many entry-level jobs do not require any prior experience, and some employers are willing to train new employees.
  • You may have other relevant experience. Even if you don’t have internship experience, you may have other relevant experience, such as coursework, volunteer work, or personal projects. You can highlight this experience on your resume and in your cover letter to show employers that you have the skills and knowledge they need.
  • You may be a quick learner. Some employers are more interested in your potential than in your experience. If you are a quick learner and are eager to learn new things, you may be able to land a job without an internship.
Do we provide crash courses for modules like SEO, SMO, etc?2023-10-06T15:38:59+05:30

Ans: Yes, we provide crash courses for both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). In SEO we cover on page SEO, off page SEO content creation, competitive analysis, analysis and monitoring, user experience (UX) and technical SEO. And at SMO we teach you profile setup and optimization, audience engagement, paid advertising and audience engagement. You will be given live projects to practice from which you will learn something new. Or in these crash courses you will get to learn many tools like canva, ubersuggest, invideo, animaker, semrush, google console and google analytics.

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