Speed Up WordPress Website Tutorial for Digital Marketing Students

Servers seem too complicated to handle sometimes, in our digital marketing institute we tell our students if they want a successful project to prove their eligibility in the companies where they get hired, then do first thing first & website speed optimization is an essential part of it.

What if you have learned all SEO tips & techniques, but despite achieving all the SEO medals your website is slow & it does not satisfy your website visitors.

As a student, you can think you know everything, but this is the primary step you should check. Websites are like a showcase, no matter how beautiful they are inside if they don’t shutter up then nobody can enter inside. Websites work the same way.

Page Experience algorithm – Website speed matters after this update

It’s 2021 June, & as per schedule, google is rolling its Page Experience algorithm. This is not new when google is doing this. We are continuously getting buzz about this change for over a year. This is not new, Google makes changes from time to time. Now our 1-year suspense is over. We can see this in Core Web Vitals in the google webmaster tool now. Which officially means the time has come.

So dear digital marketing students, it’s good when you choose to read this article from our Internet marketing institute. Here our primary motive is to give an overview once again (most of you have already joined our digital marketing class for website speedup) so that you can revise the highlights.

6 Simple Ways to Increase WordPress Website Speed

We were talking about servers when we started this article because the server is the primary part of the website. The quality of the server drives your website speed anyway. Here we are discussing some tools, we want you to cram their names because once you complete your digital marketing certificate it will help you all the times

This tutorial is written by digital marketing trainers for students in Delhi Digital Guru, but anyone who reads this, can get the benefit.

In nowadays digital world, your website speed and efficiency must be good. If your website loads slower than it should, then it is high time to work on your website. Therefore, website loading speed must be fast these days. Because the lower speed of your website can affect your website traffic and bottom line. Hereby, we will discuss in this tutorial how to speed up WordPress sites. The following information will help you understand why fast loading times are essential today.

How to test the loading time of your website? You need to think like an expert! Not like a student


If you’re looking for a website speed tool. There are 2 best tools to check the website speed performance.

  1. GT metrics com

GT Matrix


2. PageSpeed Insights


Test your website on – Google age seed test tool & GTmetrix both.
The solution is in Lighthouse analysis, read it carefully

So, it’s important to know the tools used for it. All SEO learners should practice this because with fewer efforts you can achieve more. Around 50% of websites are not optimized in the world. By doing these small practice students like you can make a difference.

Now, it’s time for analysis

The lighthouse analysis elements are-

  • First contentful paint [FCP]– When the first website element appears, this is FCP
  • Time to interactive – What time it will take when the user can click something
  • Largest contentful paint [LCP] – 75% of your page loads, consumed time for it
  • Cumulative Layout Shift – CLS is the unexpected shifting of web page elements while the page is still downloading.
  • Speed index- All content downloads to your device, complete load
  • Total Blocking time- Time that blocks website

Understanding 2 website speed testing tools in a better way

If we see this report on google’s page speed tool or GTmetrix

We can understand 2 things we should primarily (however no point is ignorable, all are primary)

FCP & Time to interaction -FCP is actually very important. when we study the normal visitor bouncing pattern 50% FCP is responsible for the high bounce rate. As the first paint appears the visitor tries to scroll the page or try to interact if we control these 2 things we can reduce the bounce rate up to 50%. We mean normally a person can wait if FCP is ok. So choose something that does not create an obstacle to load your initial appearance.

Our second point is Mobile speed – How does it matter to you? Haven’t you heard mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-First Indexing & Speeding up the webpage

With time Google made many changes, mobile-first indexing is already introduced, which means mobile first & desktop second (if we elabotrate). I don’t go in the definitions here but this can give the idea of google’s approach of device priority.

Website Speed on mobile in India

Mobile data speed is unstable because the device is moving. Maybe you are in a dark cave where due to low signals your data speed gets slow. While driving sometimes networks become unstable, these are the possible situations sometimes or in case there is no reason your mobile internet is not working… We all know the difference between wifi & mobile data speed, why I am telling all this?

It’s because I want to you focus on mobile-first. In the above example, I am telling you if you are doing SEO then this should be your first task to optimize your website on mobiles first.

Through the above-mentioned tools, you can check the performance report for your website. You can also see some of their Recommendations and some areas where you need to improve.

Therefore, everyone must use these tools to kind of see where I need to improve my website speed. It’ll give you some different tips so you can keep speeding up your website.

Website Speed Tips for digital marketing learners:-

  1. Choose a better web hosting provider

Today, we are going to give some tips to optimize the website. So, you can speed up and improve the performance of the website.

The first thing is to choose a good web host and to choose a good hosting package and there’s a lot of different web hosts online.

There are many types of web hosting available. You can choose the web hosting according to your website and budget.

  1. Shared web hosting service.
  2. Cloud hosting.
  3. Virtual Dedicated Server.
  4. Managed hosting service.
  5. Grid hosting
  6. Colocation web hosting service.
  7. Clustered hosting.
  8. Dedicated hosting service

For WordPress hosting, I would recommend using VPS or dedicated hosting because that gives you your own server whereas these other options like shared server

VPS provides power control flexibility to run a server the way you want dedicated improved security complete customization so VPS and dedicated are actually more secure than the other options because you’re not sharing a server with other websites and It will perform the best – so if you have a new website you can use share to start with but I would highly recommend switching to VPS and dedicated as you start building out your websites uploading images uploading content it’s really going to help with overall performance.

  1. Use website speed optimize plugin and uninstall unwanted plugins

If you have a WordPress website so you can install the below plugins to boost the website speed. There are two plugins that can help to increase the website speed.

  2. WP rocket

Test Plugin-related issues – Test your plugins, deactivate & activate method. Update all the plugins

Next is,

Remove extra unwanted & heavy xms from your website & check if the problem is solved or not.

  1. Reduce image sizes

Resize your images – A lot of plugins come with this efficiency, few names are

UpTO 100 images – Short Pixel, smush, robbin are few names

smush image compression optimization has a free and pro version so with the free option you can quickly just press a button and helps to reduce the file size of your images and it’s not going to take down the quality either but all you have to do is really just press a button and it’s going take the images that you’ve already uploaded and optimize them.

Images are one of the big things that takes a while when your pages are loading so if you have optimized images it really speeds up your website speed.

  1. Use a lightweight WordPress theme

Check Theme-related issuesToday’s website comes with heavy functions/features & animation so it takes a lot of loading time. Before you troubleshoot the theme. For More information about the theme-related issues. Click Here.

  • Deactivate & activate it first
  • Then update THEME
  • Off the features that you don’t use, depends on THEME, how great they are, this feature is available or not. If it’s permitted in your theme then do it.
  1. Clean-up WordPress database

Frequently, we must delete the unwanted data from our database. It will keep the database size to a minimum. It is also very important to delete spam comments, old drafts, and fake users of your content and maybe even unwanted plugins as well as themes.

  1. Use a CDN

It is necessary to use a CDN (Content Delivery Networks) service to speed up your website. There are many CDN available which can help you to keep the site loading speed minimum for a visitor from various countries. A CDN keeps a copy of our website in various data centers located in different- different places/countries. There are 2 most popular CDN available.

  • Cloudflare
  • MaxCDN

There are many ways a student can prove he is not a beginner in digital marketing or at least in SEO. He knows everything important from the primary stage of speed optimization to the most complicated SEO state.

We make you learn like nowhere else, we do not know if you are part of a digital marketing guru, but you are welcome if you want to learn. Keep coming back on our blog page we always love to teach.

Resolving issues with page report tools

Whatever GTmetrix says to you or if you use the Google Page Speed Testing tool in both situations you get some point.

  • Minify JS and CSS files
  • Prefetch some external URLs
  • Try to serve Fonts from your servers
  • Manage critical loading elements
  • Remove unused code inside
  • Keep fewer requesting page to the server

When we talk about WordPress then things become simple, you can use plugins to manage them but in other technologies where you have to work on handmade code, it becomes manual & time taking too. There are tons of tutorials & material on the internet. I suggest a video here





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