A career is based on your knowledge & certificates. Short-term courses after the 12th are very important to know in India to beat the competition.  Crash courses after the 12th- which one is highly paid? is a question most students should start thinking about.

Especially for those students who are new to graduation, it is a point of thinking. So don’t miss reading this article.

The goal of the article is :

  • To tell parents & students about new courses.
  • To let you know about courses where you can earn a handsome salary
  • courses below 3 months.
  • Most courses are available online too
  • Read this historically written great article only for Indian students

Find the details below, here is the list of those courses & links to related institutes where you can get the inquiry.

Table of content

  • Digital Marketing

  • Graphic Designing

  • 3D Animation

  • Painting Course

  • Foreign Language Course

  • English Speaking Course

  • Website Designing Course

  • Photography Course

  • Video Editing Course

  • Fashion Designing Course

  • Data Science Course

  • Product Designing Course

  • Stock Marketing Course

  • Event Management Course

  • Health and Nutrition Course

  • Blockchain Development Course

  • Yoga and Fitness Course

  • Ms Excel and Tally Course

  • Cosmetology Course

  • Hotel Management Course

Digital Marketing course: A short-term course after 12th

Digital marketing course is very much in trend these days, especially in the Delhi region. Those who do it in time will definitely get benefits because there is still so much potential in India if we talk about jobs. Digital marketing will continue to grow for the coming 10 years & has never ending scope.

As the use of the Internet will increase, the dependency on the Internet will also increase. There will be a constant need for new digital marketers, so you can make your career in digital marketing. There are many modules in a digital marketing course if we talk about some specific modules then SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Affiliated Marketing, Bulk Mailing, & Graphic designing are at the top.

However in our list of 10 top courses in Delhi, we will add Graphic designing separately, the reason is simple Graphic design is itself a very big domain.

Below are a number of institutes and colleges which Provide Courses are:

  • Digital Scholar
  • Tech Steck
  • Delhi School of Internet Marketing
  • National  School of Internet Marketing (NSIM)
  • Digiperform

Graphic Designing Course: Another short-term course after 12th

Short-term courses after  12th class that can give you a high salary are our discussion point, we want to remind you this is the second most popular course in our list.

The graphic Designing course is in demand, but why? The requirement of graphic design is there in every company.
Whenever you see the browser of your phone, you get some advertisements.
A few things which are well designed there, especially products & packaging. There is a graphic design sentiment attached to items these companies sell.
It prepares the presentation of the product and services so that it makes a good impression on the buyer.
A good graphic designer can make a presentation of any product that finally increases the right impression on the buyer’s mind.

So now we know packaging has an important contribution to the product & its marketing. These products are designed very well so that they look beautiful.
They can have more impact on consumers’ minds.
So, Graphic designers are in demand till the last product in this world is available for sale.
This means this profession has never-ending career scope too.
Apart from this, the catalogs of the company are made to complete the presentation of the company & give complete information about the business to the buyers. Graphics are needed everywhere so designers are too.

3D Animation Course

3D Animation Courses are the most popular courses among students. These courses help the students to develop artistic skills so they can bring the best out of the Course. There are most Popular academic institutions in the country where you can learn 3D animation. For most of these courses, the minimum eligibility criteria are passing 10+2 from a recognized institute.

MIT Institute of Design, Christ University, Amity University.

Painting Course

Nowadays, paintings are used everywhere in hospitals, corporates, interiors, etc. Sometimes exhibitions & export houses buy them, some magazines need them for the book cover and there are many other ways where they are in demand.  The painting is made one by one like masterpieces, it is difficult to estimate the cost & earnings of the painter. Painting is an advance & respectful skill, where a painter earns respect so this is good if your interest in that you do painting course after intermediate or whatever you call it 10+2 standard.

Foreign Language Course

Learning foreign languages is a trend nowadays. French, German, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Swedish and many other languages are game changers in various industries today. Like Hospitality, medical tourism, and exports even in government PSUs. These courses are required. If you Learn these courses carefully then there are higher chances of getting a job. In the hospitality, tourism & medical tourism industry there are many people who come to India. To interact with them, it’s great for such companies, firms, businesses, or hospitals to interact in their languages. You can do these courses after 10+2.

A few institutes are where you can learn a foreign language course, Learn French at Alliance Française, Goethe-Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan).

English Speaking Course

English is a very integral part of the corporate sector these days all the work now requires in almost every sector if you think that  English is your weak part then don’t hesitate to join English speaking course definitely require an English speaking course it helps you to improve your English speaking.

Website Designing Course

Web designing courses nowadays are most popular among students and require designers to create graphics, typography, and images that are only used on the World Wide Web commonly known as the Internet. When creating a design, web designers must strike a balance between creating a good design and speed. Web design is about designing a website for browsers; However, since the mid-2010s, design for mobile browsers and tablets has become increasingly important. You can learn From either an institute or a university.

Photography Course

Photography courses are pursued by candidates who want to build their careers in events, landscapes, wildlife, or street photography. The widespread use of the Internet and social media has increased the demand for professionally skilled photographers for media communications, public relations, and other professional services. There are many jobs waiting after you complete a photography course if you want to become a professional photographer then you definitely do hard work in that, you can enroll in these courses after the 12th.

Video Editing Course

With the increase in the scope of video editing in the film industry, advertising sector, and other sectors, the demand for skilled and creative video editors is increasing. if you love edited images, and videos and have knowledge of various software then video editing is for you.

Video editing is the process of arranging shots by combining different shots into one to make an attractive video. One can add or remove different sounds in it as per his requirement.

Video editing courses are offered as certificates, diplomas,s and undergraduate courses, including bachelor’s programs and postgraduate programs.

The fee for doing a video editing course varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 11,00,000.
Mumbai University, NMIS University, YMCA, NID Ahmedabad, etc are some of the best colleges that offer video editing courses.

Fashion Designing Course

If after 12th you have an interest in Fashion design and you think you are creative and have a knowledge of color knowledge, originality, and innovativeness, Fashion Designing then the fashion industry is for you. Haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing are the two primary categories of modern fashion design. For your convenience, some of the key facts related to the Fashion Design course are given below:

Fashion Design courses are open to all those who have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50%, and they offer candidates a certificate, and diploma in fashion designing after the 12th, and enroll for graduate studies in fashion design.

Data Science Course

Data Science is an emerging course offered by many universities and certification institutes. After you learn Data Science, You can apply for jobs like Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, etc. Data Science can be learned as a stand-alone program as well as under various specializations like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics or Big Data.

Coursera, Simplilearn, edX, and Udemy are the top platforms for providing data science courses online.
The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is one of the most popular data science certifications to upskill by IBM and Coursera. Simplilearn’s “Graduate Program in Data Science course ” is offered by Purdue University in collaboration with IBM.

Product Designing Course

Product Designing Course– The product Design Course is specializing in 3D Design, Sketching, Product Manufacturing, Digital Designing, Business Communication, Application of Technology, and a combination of designing knowledge in various product designs.
Courses on Product Design can be pursued with a degree in BA/BDS, MSc/MD, or even with Diploma and through online certificates. This course is in high demand in various sectors of the production industries and companies. If you are interested after the 12th then you can do this course and get a job in this field.

Stock Marketing Course

This is a basic beginner’s course that anyone who wants to gain knowledge about the stock market and how it works. The minimum qualification required to pursue this course is to complete the 12th standard.

After completing the course candidates can work as stock market dealers, system operators,s, etc.
This Stock marketing course can be taken by students, job professionals who want to gain knowledge in this field, ARM, RM, Dealers, or who want to make a career in financial services.
The average salary after this course is expected to be around Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 9.5 lakh per annum

Event Management Course

Event Management Course can do after 12th in Event Management is done on the basis of both merit and entrance examination. Students must have passed their class 12th board examination from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA score
Post Graduate Courses in Event Management: To pursue a Post Graduate degree in Event Management, students must have secured at least 60% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in their graduation.

Health and Nutrition Course

Health & nutrition courses are in trend these days, but the required eligibility can be fixed for some courses. Here are some advanced diploma course

There are many institutes that provide diplomas for post-graduation courses. Nutritionist courses are very popular these days because they are directly associated with people & family health.
In this course, they can cover the promotion of health and wellness.

Blockchain Development Course

Blockchain network courses are very popular these days. Technology is improving every day & headed to the future. This is the technology on which bitcoin works. Rest you can explore with these course providers.
Udemy, Coursera, and upgrade.

Yoga and Fitness Course

Yoga and Fitness courses are the most famous courses who want to build their career there are many students who want to pursue their careers as yoga instructors there are many opportunities in this field. Over the years, yoga become famous worldwide “.there are lists where you can learn yoga: Amity University, Mdu Rohtak, and guru Govind Singh Unversity (GGSU).

Ms Excel and Tally Course

Microsoft Excel and tally courses are available on different platforms you can learn from this platform
and there are many opportunities in these fields when you can expect that it required a few skills like Your math must be strong and you have some knowledge about excel and tally. Its use is to do advanced calculations, graphing tools, and pivot tables. these are the places where you learn these skills
Udemy and Coursera.

Cosmetology Course

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Mostly these Cosmetology Courses are done by females. It is the science that focuses on making people look good.It Includes many branches of beauty therapy and treatments for face, hair, body, and overall health care. If want to Build your career after 12th
these are lists where you can learn.
Panjab University and Chandigarh University etc.

Hotel Management Course

Hotel Management Course can do after the 12th if you have an interest in cooking the food or serving the food to the people. It has many scopes you can become a chef after completing of hotel management degree or you can also open a Restaurant. These are places where you can complete your degree are
Chandigarh University and an Indian institute of hotel management etc.