YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google. People create videos related to knowledge, entertainment, games and much more in YouTube so that it can be consumed by everyone. People can search terms in YouTube and many related videos are shown as result. So, in this case you would like to rank high to gain maximum views and in return can earn good from ads. Therefore, it becomes necessary to do YouTube SEO. Learn YouTube SEO to grow your YouTube channel and how to rank videos higher. Learn the tips and methods to find your YouTube success and make it last.

What is YouTube SEO?

Like general SEO, YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) is also a bunch of practices which includes tailoring content, optimizing titles and description and making playlist etc. are done to get it ranked higher among YouTube search results.

The terms are requested in search bar then YouTube returns with many related videos. It also acts as search engine. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube SEO strategies is not very much different from regular SEO. Therefore, if you have some basic SEO knowledge, it can be applied to help increase your videos’ visibility. In addition to this they also require some specific strategies too. So, that your channel becomes SEO friendly.

The primary source of the differences mentioned above is YouTube’s ranking algorithm. Unlike other search engines that use web crawlers to index pages, YouTube takes a lot of factors into consideration when ranking videos:

Relevancy to a user
Video engagement rates
User’s watch history
A specific user’s previous interactions with your channel (how many of your videos they have watched)
The match between your descriptions and meta descriptions and users’ interests
View velocity index (the number of subscribers who watch your videos in the first few hours of its uploads)
The number of subscribers

Now you are familiar with what is YouTube SEO and how their algorithm works to rank videos to a specific search query. Here is now stated the importance of YouTube SEO.

Why do you need YouTube SEO?


1. Helps in increasing brand awareness

The videos that rank high on search result are more likely to get more views. As it gets more exposure this increases the chance of video to go viral. If you optimize your content well, your videos become more visible to a broader audience and. By this way your channel gets more attention.

2. It generates profit

Through YouTube SEO you can increase traffic to your website, or can generate leads and also you can generate profit by monetizing your channel. If you tailor your videos in such a way to meet the ranking algorithm requirements, the system will let more people see them. The more number of people sees your content the more money you can get from YouTube.

3. It brings you more followers

YouTube SEO can help you to get increased number of subscriber by reaching out to people who are already interested in our content. So, if the strategies goes well then you can enjoy good amount of audience group. It helps build stronger brand relationships.

4. It boosts the credibility of channel

If your videos reside at the top of the search results page, you are bound to have more weight in your industry. People believe that the top results contain the most relevant, most high-quality videos and don’t go any further. Unless you are listed in the top five of the search results page, it’s likely a large part of your potential viewers won’t see your videos.


YouTube SEO is a important for everyone who wants to gain maximum views and want their channel to get monetized. By implementing the strategies correctly can help you to achieve this quickly.

It’s crucial to remember that search engine optimization in YouTube is not the only way to achieve growth, nor is it the path of success alone. But it’ll help you reach your goals faster.

Always improve your content for the better and look for ways to increase engagement with your audience as it’s the core of a successful YouTube video and channel.

Your main takeaway here is to implement a solid plan for content consistency, content relevancy, and content quality. Whatever your goals are on YouTube, achieve them by keeping these three things in your mind.

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