How SEO and Content Marketing work together

SEO and Content Marketing is essential to build your brand name online. They both goes hand in hand. Let’s get familiar with these terms, what they actually mean. Whereas SEO is a technical practices where we optimizes the website for better performance and rank high on search engine result page. On the other hand, Content Marketing is a group of practices to attract the potential customer and in the end to make them our actual customer.

SEO is actually strategized around content marketing since every website needs words, articles, substance, keywords, etc. In order to be successful, both must go hand in hand. In addition to creating trust and building a relationship with your audience, content marketing helps you with your search engine optimization (SEO).

If content marketing is an integral part of your marketing efforts and you work on creating quality content, you will likely write a lot of content related to the terms your audience is searching for. Your website will start to pop up more and more often, as you write more blog posts. Overall, your rankings will go up. And, all of these new visitors are potential buyers. So, in addition to increasing traffic, content marketing could increase your sales as well.

Following are the points to prove that SEO and Content Marketing Goes hand in hand.



Researching and using relevant keywords to rank website high on google  is the essential element of SEO. The usage of keyword should be appropriate and should follow a strategic approach. Avoiding keyword stuffing is good for SEO, one should not stuff page with keyword. Repeating keywords has a negative impact on SEO. SEO and content work in balance.

Keyword strategies are imperative for effective search engine marketing (SEM). For finding best keywords closely associated with the specific business or industry. The best keyword analysis tool is Google’s Keyword Planner. It is used to analyze the most popular keyword volume and competition (high, medium or low).

Quality Content

SEO and content marketing require consistency. Google prefers fresh, creative and unique content and helps it to get indexed and rank higher than others.

The content you are writing should be related to your product and gives answer to the query of the users. A good copy is when it uses important keyword and target the visitors. This is the most important factor through which Google determines the relevance of a page and ranks a piece of content. A acknowledged content can be said when their is brainstorming of creative ideas and then embedding the most important keyword.

User Experience

SEO is a vast field which includes writing blogs, articles, creating backlinks, enhancing metadata and using tags properly.

SEO also includes technical optimization that helps web page to make appealing appearance to search engine. And ensure every links is working well and is easy to recognize. Otherwise, the source will be poorly ranked by the search engine. Optimize URLs and the path to the website helps to drive attention of Google. Also, categorize the different parts of your site. This is vital to the success of any SEO campaign. The technical SEO elements benefit the User experience.

A good sitemap ensures an easy approach to content for crawlers, and optimized robots.txt crawls the site so that viewers can access the right content for them.

A well written title tags ensures that people clicking on it are real visitors who actually want that information. Good header tags distribution helps google to understand the page content very well.


Linkback, link-building or inbound linking is another major factor of SEO. To increase the traffic to the site high authority domains like .edu and .org can help you. Linking the site to these domain increases the traffic. And to get backlink a well written content is required. This also helps in SEO and drives more traffic.


To keep your content marketing strategies successful you should implement and support them with SEO strategies. As basically it is concern with attracting visitors towards your brand.


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