GT Metrix webpage speed test, using this tool, knowing improvement

As an alternative to google’s PageSpeed Insight tool, GTmetrix is another website page speed testing tool. It has some additional advantages for the graphic representation of data in a better way. In case, if you want to check your website speed then first open the website then enter your website URL in the search bar given on the website, voila! you can see your website page speed. It shows the performance of both mobile and desktop, that help you to know that your website is user friendly or not.

That’s it,  so simple to check the speed of the website’s page.

Here one more important thing is, that most people think the result you are getting on GTmetrix is your website’s speed, but no, we want to break this misconception. This is your website’s page speed, not the whole website. The URL you enter in GTmetrix’s toolbar, the website returns you the speed of that particular page. So every page of the website may have a different page speed based on various factors.

Within the topic, we discuss the other factors too, below you can see different factors, the way to get the whole idea is to stick on the same page & click the topics one by one related to GTmetrix, then you would know what the problems in your page speed are.