Without an understanding of basic technologies like Google Search Console, SEO courses might not be as simple to comprehend. A learner can access this resource without spending any money because it is free. Thus, we wish to start by offering this advice to individuals who have a passion for knowledge. Learning how to use this tool should be your first step as a student. Don’t miss it, then.

The most popular tool that a digital marketing student can learn using it.

It’s common to understand that new students in digital marketing have to be familiar with all tools related to the field. Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is also a tool used for Search engine ranking.

Why Google Search Console should be the first to learn a thing in SEO

It is a free platform for anyone by Google, you can access using your own google account ID (popularly known as Gmail ID). You can monitor your website and how Google is viewing your site and optimize its organic presence. Google search console gives you the opportunity to rate your SEO efforts & directions. A student need not spend money to learn this, & obviously, it’s an official & free tool. So for any SEO student, it’s a great place to start with.

How we integrate Google Search Console into our courses

In our advanced course in digital marketing, we give it a place. Though we don’t have any non-advance courses, all we have is an advanced course in a digital marketing course.

Extended Google Search console abilities

That includes viewing your referring domains, mobile site performance, rich search results, and highest-traffic queries and pages. There are a few dimensions you need to understand to get familiar with the working of the tool. Also, you need to know the metrics that are used to monitor the performance.

Google Search Console Dimensions and Metrics

There are a few terms you should understand before using GSC.

1. Google Search Console query

This tool helps us to know what keywords are entered by the users that result in our website on the search engine result page. It provides a list of the search terms that generated an impression of the website. Now let’s understand what is impression.

2. Impression

Impressions are the metric used to count the number of times a link to a website is shown on the Search Engine Result Page at a given period of time.

3. Click

After your website, a link appeared on the search result page and the user finds it relevant and clicks on it. The click is counted by the console as the number of time the website URL get clicked by the user.

Also, this doesn’t include paid Google results.

4. Average Position

This is the mean ranking of your page(s) for a query or queries. For example, your home page is ranking 2nd for a particular keyword and your service page is ranking 4th for a particular keyword. The average position for this URL would be 3 (assuming we were ranking for literally nothing else).

5. CTR (Click-Through Rate)

CTR, or click-through rate, is equal to Clicks divided by Impressions, multiplied by 100. If our post shows up in 40 searches and generates 20 clicks, our CTR would be 50%.

Conclusion: Google Search console helps us to see how google is viewing our website. And there are metrics to monitor them and analyze what steps should be taken next.

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