It is the second most populated country in the world. For a country with this much huge population digital marketing has become necessary to reach everyone. This increases the scope of career growth in Digital Marketing.

Many business are jumping from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Which is most importantly increasing the career opportunities for the freshers, and the upcoming people. We can see the use of mobiles are increasing day by day, therefore digital marketing gathers most of its customer’s from mobilization. Also, Social media became a huge platform where people engage themselves. There are various types of social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc. Where people meet other people and connect with them. This social media has become a very big platform to promote the company ADs and raise the brand name.


Scope of Career Growth in Digital Marketing Field:

There are a lot of job opportunity in Digital marketing field. If you think there is no much growth in digital marketing, then you are wrong. It is a good news for those who are afraid of coding because digital marketing is not solely about coding. The main work of any digital marketing employee is to do the brand marketing in the online platform, write contents for it, grab the customer’s attention and convert them into customers to improve the company ranking and sales.

Below are the job roles for the digital marketing people:

Digital Marketing executive

The work of digital marketing executive is vast as he is responsible for managing the blogs, e-books, marketing trend and many other aspects of digital marketing. Their job is to check the content written by the content writer. Checking the previous blogs and editing them accordingly. They should plan effective content marketing strategies. Have to handle both content and branding of the business and know the traffic from it.

Digital Marketing Manager

This particular role includes all that work which will establish brand name in online platform. They plan and make strategies to promote the brand and services in different online channels. Increase the brand awareness and make the people know about it. Drive the traffic and make them into leads. Keep updated with the upcoming technology and trends and implementation of that in the work.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

The primary role of an SEO is to increase the ranking of the website in the Search Engine Result Pages that in turn will increase the traffic coming to the website. SEO is in-demand job nowadays, companies want their website to rank higher. An SEO should perform on site and off site analysis for clients. Get the performance report from the Google Analytics. SEO person should be compatible to keep updated with changing Google algorithm and make changes accordingly.

SMM or Social Media Marketer

The social media marketing is about creating content and promoting it in online platform. His main motive is to improve the audience views in the social media platform and build the name of the company in the social media platform. A social media marketer should have knowledge about every social media site present and should know how to gain the audience from these sites. Should be always ready with a strategy and campaign for the company with different content ideas, budget planning etc.

Digital Marketing Copywriter

A copywriter has various kind of job roles. But their main work is to tailor the content and the writing style as per the requirement. They should know who are the target audience and what they want. It should something which should attract the audience in the first glimpse. This includes writing video scripts, infographics, social media etc. This job can be done freelance sitting at home or going to the office.

Content Marketer

This person is responsible for content marketing in the various online channels. To create a brand awareness among the people. A content marketer has to create, edit, and develop a content in such a way that it drives a lot of people. The content marketer has to become a pathway for the conversions from the leads to the effective customers. Should know the trending things going on in the field related. Should come up with the ideas and make an effective article or campaign regarding this.

Search engine marketer or SEM

SEM are generally done by the top companies because in smaller company digital marketer can do this.  The main work of the job personnel is to target the leads and clicks in the limited budget. Should also manage the keyword search analysis, contents, bids, AD campaigns. Should achieve the maximum ROI for the paid campaigns and analyze the data. Optimize the landing page and analyze the competitors.


As we can see there is only increasing number of internet users. This increases the scope of the  Career Growth in Digital Marketing. The freshers who are yet to decide their field can choose from these job roles for the digital marketing. For that you can do digital marketing course from a reputed digital marketing institute.