In which article we will talk about fake digital marketing institutes. this is a topic about which there is not much discussion on the internet, for those students who belong to the city of Delhi, this article can act as a guide because In this we have collected all the basic things, we want to tell what are the things which are important to know before institute selection. Many fake digital marketing institutes are in trend nowadays. So before your career is at stake, you need to know whether there are things that make an institute real or fake.

Fake Digital Marketing institutes in Delhi

First, we know what is Fake Digital Marketing because nowadays in our city Delhi, everyone claims to provide good digital marketing education. Digital marketing is a fancy word recently, a man sitting in a mobile shop gave a fake knowledge pack on digital marketing to a student. Although our students told us this jokingly, we understood one thing today, those who give knowledge of digital marketing can be found sitting in every corner in this city.

you will not understand whether “the person in front” is telling you the right thing or not, here we are. In this article, we will tell some basic things from which you can make better use of your power of choice.

digital marketing Institute types

Type 1- Stay away from fake digital marketing knowledge of YouTube and Cousins

Half- processed Digital marketing or a rumor is the same thing, both affect badly on a career. These people or YouTubers can be your first Fack digital marketing institute on the list. So we advise you to beware of them. In a city like Delhi everywhere you will see such knowledge, & just because your knowledge is zero you can be their first victim.

Type 2- Unspecialized computer training Institutes

You may have joined some computer institute for basic computer education, where you are taught to work on related applications related to Microsoft etc., some programming is taught and some basic is given in the way of Photoshop. Such institutes are usually Offering diploma or certification courses aimed at imparting only basic computer education so that the learner can get a good grasp on computer software.

Each computer institute has its own specialization, so far these computer institutes were teaching to work on simple software, but with the way in which they talk about digital marketing spread on the internet, these institutes have also started taking advantage of that fame. We do not say that there are no teachers but the things that marketing skills are needed more than computer skills in digital marketing, your computer cannot do anything if you do not have marketing ability, and if you do not understand the business then digital Marketing Is Impossible It’s Like You Want To Watch TV On Thermocol.

Estimating the results is not a difficult task, if you learn digital marketing from a computer institute in the greed of low fees, then you will not get anything there and if you go for an interview somewhere with such knowledge, then you can be returned without a hitch, then the thing to understand is to stay away from such institutes who do not have the ability to give this kind of knowledge, digital marketing only a digital marketing institute teaches because this is the biggest thing in itself if you teach digital marketing, you cannot teach anything else, it takes time.

So in this article, we want to advise that you should not join such an institute, such institute is second in our list of Fake Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. Beware here.

Type 3- Institutes where trainers are not experienced in “marketing”.

Why marketing is so important?  you have to learn digital marketing, you think that marketing will have nothing to do with digital marketing, but it is not so when you want to sell something online, Then you have to think like a shopkeeper, you have to plan like a merchant and execute it in such a way that your online store gets crowded. Marketing is 90% part of digital marketing, and digital is 10%, which you execute.

The trainers in the Digital Marketing Institute of Honeymoon do not have an understanding of marketing and have more understanding of digitalization, then the problem is going to arise for you because even after the course seeker you cannot be successful in marketing and if you are a student, consider all these things. If you are not doing it, then your digital marketing learning will be useless from any institute.

So beware of such digital marketing institutes who claim that they will make you a digital marketing ninja within 2 months, although they do not understand marketing, then beware of a handful of such institutes, you should not join such institutes. This is the point of our next Fake Digital Marketing Institute

Type 4- Distant institutes of internet marketing.

This is type 3 of institutes, however, we can’t call these institutes fake, but it makes the same effect on you. Time is very valuable when you are living in a similar place from where your digital marketing institute is 1 hour or 2 hours away or more then usually the time taken to reach is around 3 to 4 hours And you give your precious time on the way, in this special time you could do your practice at your home, you could live comfortably so that you can study in the next hours. Suppose you live in Ghaziabad and you have to select an institute. But if you select your institute in Janakpuri, then the time taken to travel can be 4 to 5 hours or it can be said that if you live in Janakpuri and you have to select your institute then digital For marketing institute, if you like any institute in Pitampura, then it will take a lot of time to travel, it is better that you choose an institute which is closer to your home so that you can practice more.


Fake digital marketing might be a mysterious term, but it’s very important

12 points How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Institute?

Now the question is, how can you find a real but good digital marketing institute for yourself, here are some methods, use them for logic

  1. Choose a nearby institute for internet marketing training
  2. An institute where SEO training is involved & they are capable to train students in SEO, they are good
  3. Find right trainers
  4. Select where you can get job assistance
  5. Choose who trains you for interviews
  6. An internship model should be 40% & concept clearing class should be 60%, select your institute like this.
  7. Select where you have at least 1 marketing faculty because marketing training is more important
  8. An online marketing institute is good if you are already aware of 40% digital marketing
  9. Join regular classes where teachers can focus on you
  10. Digital marketing classes must go daily in an institute if they train you for 1.5 hours only
  11. Join an institute where you can get help in making notes. Because trust us you will need it again & again
  12. A signature of a good institute is it’s practical training, where you can interact with the client, sometimes



Now, The biggest question is online Vs offline


Many people launch their online courses. Basically, there is physical interaction in our module so that you can easily tell us about your business model and its requirements.

In our module, you need to bring a business model and you have to apply all those things that we will teach you in that particular business model.

Although I will try to mix both. But I will recommend you to learn offline, not online.

Online you won’t be able to learn effectively because of the absence of physical interaction

No matter how many times you watch the video but the way of teaching will remain the same

But offline the teacher will try to make you understand in different ways. So, according to me, an offline class is better.

Now the next point reviews. You need to check reviews from Google my business about the specific branch. You will get to know about the institute is good or not.

You can also go to that institute and ask the students individually about the institute and how they teach and all. So, you will get an idea about the institution where you are planning to go. But you will also get some idea about good things.

The next thing to check do they really have the knowledge or not?

They always say that they will make you a leader in SEO but if you visit their website so they don’t have an SSL certificate on their website.

And according to Google SSL certificate is mandatory if you want to rank in Google

So if any digital marketing institute website doesn’t have an SSL certificate so they might don’t know about its importance or they don’t really know about SEO

Anybody can teach you from reading but do they have practical experience or not this is important


Next Point is Free Tools  


Many people say they will give you free tools worth 50k or 100k. But how can it be possible because fees are 50k and tools’ worth is 100k? Are they running a Ngo or food panda? Or do they have some funding? NO

So Always search for the tools on Google that they’re offering. Now let’s suppose many of my friends are developers.

Now, I will ask them to build a theme or plugin for WordPress and name it XYZ, and I will tell them to publish it on their website with a price of 60k and I will give these tools to my students.

But if you search about these tools then the price will show 60k. SO this is also a fraud. So for example, if they are offering you a theme so search for it and its reviews.

According to me, nobody will give you tools worth 60k with 50k coaching ee and if they give then it is a fraud. Now let’s assume they make you labor. I am not giving my example it could be anyone XYZ Institute

They taught you how to use these free tools, but these tools will be expired after 6 months and now you know nothing except those tools, so to renew those tools, you will go to my friend and indirectly I will also make a profit. So these types of frauds are also happening. So, always search will they make you labor or a businessman


According to me, these are the main points. Now you need to search about institutions according to your points. Always go which suits you best. My recommendation is to go for the offline course rather than online.



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