Fake Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

This article is written by a digital marketing expert for students. There are several fake digital marketing institutes are running in Delhi. We must aware of this institute. Because they just take money from students and promise to provide the best service. But they don’t provide offline classes, placement & internship services. They never provide offline classes, making excuses, and not stopped answering your quires.

These institutes always urge students to give complete fees at one time and once students give the complete fees to them.  After that, they don’t entertain the students.


How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Institute?


So, Today I will tell you about how you can choose the digital marketing institute without any problem. We are not selling our courses. Our motto is telling you how you can choose your course.

The first step is you have to check modules. Modules contain the syllabus which they will teach you. In our country, we often run for a number of modules.

We feel like if somebody is teaching 50 modules then he is good then who’s teaching 15 modules.

But here we need to check who’s teaching in-depth and in detail rather than the number of modules.

Digital marketing is part of marketing. So we need to learn marketing first. Everyone is teaching you how to use tools and how to run ads. So basically they are making you a robot.

Your IQ is not increasing and you are not learning enough. So you need to check whether they teach practically or not Next point is fees. Fees should always be affordable to you

If you are earning crores in a month then you can afford any amount of fees. But if your financial situation is not that good, so you have to check affordability according to you.

Maybe the course which is best in our country is not affordable for you.

For example, a course worth 80k is best according to the parameters that we talked about, but it is expensive for you.

So you also need to check your affordability. The next thing is you need to check faculty. It doesn’t mean if I am the owner of the institute so I will teach you myself.

You need to check logically about the teacher’s experience, their knowledge and way of teaching and all before enrolled there. Don’t join if you don’t feel comfortable there

If you have a lot of money then you can try otherwise do proper research before buying any digital marketing course. The next thing that I need to check is how to do they teach. Do they teach through classrooms, or some outside place or anything?

Do they teach only theory or practically or a mixture of both or case studies and all? So you need to check that

Now how will you get to know about all these things? We will definitely appreciate my own course.

You need to ask these things from their existing or past students

You can directly ask from the branch that you want to talk to their past students once. So you can ask from those students should you join that institute or not?


Now, The biggest question is online Vs offline


Many people launch their online courses. Basically, there is physical interaction in our module so that you can easily tell us about your business model and its requirements.

In our module, you need to bring a business model and you have to apply all those things that we will teach you in that particular business model.

Although I will try to mix both. But I will recommend you to learn offline, not online.

Online you won’t be able to learn effectively because of the absence of physical interaction

No matter how many times you watch the video but the way of teaching will remain the same

But offline the teacher will try to make you understand in different ways. So, according to me, an offline class is better.

Now the next point reviews. You need to check reviews from Google my business about the specific branch. You will get to know about the institute is good or not.

You can also go to that institute and ask the students individually about the institute and how they teach and all. So, you will get an idea about the institution where you are planning to go. But you will also get some idea about good things.

The next thing to check do they really have the knowledge or not?

They always say that they will make you a leader in SEO but if you visit their website so they don’t have an SSL certificate on their website.

And according to Google SSL certificate is mandatory if you want to rank in Google

So if any digital marketing institute website doesn’t have an SSL certificate so they might don’t know about its importance or they don’t really know about SEO

Anybody can teach you from reading but do they have practical experience or not this is important


Next Point is Free Tools  


Many people say they will give you free tools worth 50k or 100k. But how can it be possible because fees are 50k and tools’ worth is 100k? Are they running a Ngo or food panda? Or do they have some funding? NO

So Always search for the tools on Google that they’re offering. Now let’s suppose many of my friends are developers.

Now, I will ask them to build a theme or plugin for WordPress and name it XYZ, and I will tell them to publish it on their website with a price of 60k and I will give these tools to my students.

But if you search about these tools then the price will show 60k. SO this is also a fraud. So for example, if they are offering you a theme so search for it and its reviews.

According to me, nobody will give you tools worth 60k with 50k coaching ee and if they give then it is a fraud. Now let’s assume they make you labor. I am not giving my example it could be anyone XYZ Institute

They taught you how to use these free tools, but these tools will be expired after 6 months and now you know nothing except those tools, so to renew those tools, you will go to my friend and indirectly I will also make a profit. So these types of frauds are also happening. So, always search will they make you labor or a businessman


According to me, these are the main points. Now you need to search about institutions according to your points. Always go which suits you best. My recommendation is to go for the offline course rather than online.

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