digital marketing course google is free but can Google’s Digital Marketing Course Crack the Job Code?

This information can guide you to understand the difference between a regular digital marketing course & this free Google course on digital marketing. If you understand the difference you will know getting a job becomes easier Because now you know what you should learn.

  • If any employer gives you a job, he will test you to the bone in the interview. If you are serious then focus on serious efforts. Because scammers explain the same thing in different ways in the market. Like this digital marketing module which is just a module, not a complete digital marketing course.
  • Digital marketing courses are made with different modules, and there are different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, affiliate marketing, WhatsApp marketing, etc. Do you see, here all other companies are Google’s rival companies? Google does not cover other company’s policies or marketing structure in their course which is correct. Why Google would care about other platforms. But you care because when you give a job interview. the interview asks you about Facebook, marketing, ads, email marketing, funnels, etc. He can ask anything which is related to Google or maybe not.
  • He is paying you because you can do some work for him. Companies are not institutions they don’t train you much on this.
  • For then either you are a performer or a waste resource. They can fire you from a job if you are not skillful.
  • This course on Google covers the skillset that is required to perform tasks on Google with its policies.
  • But this is not for all the platforms, so I understand the pain, this course is free but on the practical ground, my company won’t give you a job.
  • If we have a logical mind then students will not have to get confused. Does the student understand why Google would create a course about Facebook? Why would you consider email marketing? Why would he create an Instagram marketing course?

Google does not have any digital marketing course. Wow, whatever is there is extra, you can do it even sitting at home. All you need is a computer and a few hours but companies will not give you a job just based on this course.

They need real-time working knowledge in which you can give them something solid in which they can get financial benefit. You are a profitable candidate for them only if they get some benefit from your work. If you are thinking of becoming profitable for a company after doing a few hours course then look at your competitors who have been working hard for years and even today they are facing competition.

Yes, it is true that there are a lot of opportunities, but not for those who take shortcuts, but for those who learn!