Content writing skills are the toughest topic for fresher’s digital marketing students. Most digital marketing institutes have not provided this information because they do not know about this topic. If they provide related to this so still they provide only limited knowledge. Nobody can take responsibility for this topic because that is so long topic for beginners.

Delhi Digital Guru is the only organization who can provide every single piece of information and knowledge about Content Writing skills. If we can provide tips and tricks about content writing so our responsibility is that provide full information. So that every student can understand easily students have no relation to this industry but still, they can understand content writing with this article.

Delhi Digital Guru provides some important points with this you can learn strong content writing skills in a week.

1. Read books every day

2. Write something every day

3. Keep your article in a simple way

4. Your sentences and paragraphs should be short

5. Your content should be good on behalf of Grammar

6. Topic research is most important

7. Remember SEO terms and conditions

1. Read books every day

Books are so effective things that play the main role in our Content writing skills because they provide ideas for writing something. Reading books every day, can improve your vocabulary and remembering power. Most candidates doing spelling mistakes in their writing. The second benefit is that with reading habits you can easily learn correct spellings so they help in the content writing. We provide some books name for fresher after the reading you can’t imagine what is your level in content writing.

1. Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White

2. Mieko and the Fifth Treasure – Eleanor Coerr

3. The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton

4.  The House On Mango Street – Sandra Cisneros

5. Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher

2. Write something every day

As we discuss in the previous paragraph read books every day so the same condition allows in these lines. After the reading, you can write something because whatever you read so they can help improve your Content writing skills. With writing, you can remember spellings as well with the right sequence. Every single word shows your reading and writing efforts in the article and your performance level going higher.

3. Keep your article in a simple way

People make articles in a very typical way because they can’t know the way of making an article. They provide information in the wrong way or wrong sequence. Delhi Digital Guru provides information about article making. First, you can think on the behalf of the reader then you can understand the right perfection of the article. You can use only simple words in your article so the reader can understand easily. If the reader grabs everything from your article so the article is good for the reader.

4. Your sentences and paragraphs should be short to improve content writing skills

This is the most important point in Content writing skills. People made this mistake continuously in content writing so the result is that, users can’t read your article. Users feel so bored or they left your article. So the solution is that your article should have short para or sentences. These techniques can grab your user’s attention. With this technique your bounce rate going to down.

5. Your Content writing skills should be good on behalf of Grammar

Grammar is play the main role in our content writing. Our whole tent is based on poles, poles mean grammar. If our poles are strong so our tent is also strong. Grammar makes our article so effective so the user can read with feeling. With grammar users feel reality in the story they imagine the whole article in their mind. When grammar is clear in the article so you can also get a good feeling from this.

You can use Grammarly for better features because Grammarly provides every single piece of information about your grammar mistakes.

6. Topic research is the most important in Content writing skills

Yes, topic research is most important in article writing because your niche should be clear whenever you write. Whenever you think about Content writing skills so your niche should be clear on all sides. After a clear niche, you can create your points easier to understand. With topic research, you can grab deep knowledge about the article and deep knowledge helps you to write powerful content most users like powerful content because they imagine the story in their minds.

7. Remember in Content writing skills SEO terms and conditions are important

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has the power to rank your contact. Content should be based on SEO terms and conditions. Whenever you write your content so the main heading should be in the first position on the page and we call it (H1). Then you can take H2 for another headline and give some lines in paragraph style. Your main keyword should be present in every paragraph so the user can understand your article in a simple way.