Content writing for article is the most important factor which will help you a lot in SEO and you will get good knowledge of content writing. Many people make this mistake because they do not have knowledge of content writing due to which they face a lot of problems while doing SEO, hence it is very important to know content writing for articles.

If you know content writing then your SEO will improve because while writing content you have to keep many things in mind which further strengthens your content writing skills. With this you will be able to write even better content and your users will like it a lot.

Factors that destroy SEO

Absence of problem and solution in content writing for article

Due to lack of user’s problem and solution in the article, the user will not be attracted much due to which your article will not work, hence whenever you work on any content writing for article, first of all verify the user’s problem so that you can write the article according to your user. It will be easy to write and you can write very well.

When you understand the problem of your user well, then you become capable of giving the solution to his problem and you can explain it very well so that everyone can understand it easily. By giving a solution, you get a priority and the user will be forced to read your article and he will feel very good.

Lack of expertise information

Remember, whenever you write an article, you should have as much information as possible about your topic so that you can give the best information to your users and your users remain connected to you. Many times people make the same mistake and write something that the user does not like and they leave your website and article.

Therefore, whenever you write, know about the problem and need of your user and what he wants to know from your article so that he becomes eager to see your content writing for article and you get the best response.

Grammar mistakes

Grammar is a very important link between you and your user. Because whenever you write any topic in your own words, your special point is your user. You have to do this keeping in mind the understanding of your users so that your users can understand very easily. In which grammar becomes very important and you forget the same due to which the user does not completely understand your article and what you are talking about.

While writing an article, keep in mind that you have to write in very simple language so that your user can read and understand it easily. People always like to read simple articles.

Bounce rate being high

If your content is not written correctly then your user will not give importance to your article because he did not get any information from your article for which he was reading your article, then this will greatly increase the bounce rate of your article and your website and article traffic. But it will have a very bad effect.

Topic not having any focus keyword in content writing

Often people make the same mistake that they choose a topic but they do not know how to put focus keywords in it. Whenever people search something, they use a keyword which shows that there is something special related to that keyword in that content writing article. So that you get complete information correctly. Therefore it is very important to have a keyword.

Lack of audience on that keyword

And yes, people make many mistakes while choosing keywords, which troubles them a lot in the future. Whenever you target a keyword in your article, get good information about it like how much traffic is coming to that keyword. How much people are searching on that keyword, only then your article will have a good reach. The specialty of a good keyword is that it makes you reach more and more people and people like your article.

In content writing, paragraphs should be more than 3-4 lines.

Line is very important in a paragraph because the mistake people make while writing an article is that they do not take care of their user. They twist the article according to their own, due to which the user’s interest is lost. Therefore, whenever you write an article, keep in mind that the lines in your article should be kept short. This will make it easier for the user to read and he will definitely want to read after looking at the small lines.

Another advantage of short paragraphs is that they prove to be effective in attracting the user, which makes the user feel that it is very beneficial to read.