Your website will never rank in SEO, if some things are missing in it, in the list given below you can find the reasons for your website not ranking. We all just want our website to rank well, especially on those SEO keywords that benefit us and our audience.

Read carefully, because it is difficult to understand easily which will have a direct impact on the SEO ranking of your website in the coming days. These old things will be useful in 2022 also which had changed after 2010. You ignored them and that is why your website is neither ranking today nor will it ever do so in the future. So read carefully one by one.

Sometimes hard work is more than smart work, & SEO learning is always hard.

Check schema into your website

What is Schema, what are its benefits, what is its use, how will it rank the website, you will find the answers to all these questions below;

Schema is a type of microdata that provides your information to the search engine. It looks like html coding which gives your information like your mobile number, your address, the URL of your website and much more to Google, usually the website which gives us colorful or photos, actually to Google it looks like an HTML coding or text file and in this, what is your name, what is your mobile number, it is very difficult for Google to understand the schema, it helps Google to understand it. If you have Schema on your website, then it provides your information to Google without any effort.

Google provides your data to the search engine. In short words, Schema provides the main information of the website to the search engine. Schema is in the form of a form. It takes the information of the website from Google Schema and indexes it and determines its rank due to which the rank of that website becomes high.

Benefits of Schema:-

  • More visibility
  • Better Ranking

Check canonicals tags to increase your traffic (SEO)

Canonical means Preferred and Favorite, Canonical does not mean Duplicate Page at all, which is a misconception for many people. We use Canonical to tell search engines our preferred and favorite page among many pages.

By using Canonical Tag, you are telling the search engines to combine the rank of this one page instead of ranking different pages. should give . By using Canonical you can tell search engines that this will be the canonical add of the page (Self Canonical).

Canonical Types:-

  • Technical¬†
  • content

Check excluded pages in the webmaster for SEO

Webmaster is a tool which we use to design the website. There are many such free tools available in the market but generally this tool is used more. When a website is created on Webmaster, we see many errors in it, such as duplication of the page is shown when the content is same as duplicate and near to duplicate, URL is same, same photos are used again and again, such internal reasons.

Due to this, the website faces difficulty in ranking and due to some technical reasons, the webmaster excludes the page, which are automatically system generated errors. Therefore, while designing the webmaster page website, definitely pay attention to the errors which will help you in increasing the rank.

Check your focus keyword

Focus keyword plays a very important role in our website ranking because whenever anyone searches, he enters the keyword only which gives him the right result. Google gives us details of things according to our keywords so that we can see the best results and we can know whatever we want to know.

It is also very important to have the right Focus Keyword so that it can be used properly in the post and the user can get all the information properly and he does not feel that it is useless for me due to which I will not be able to get any information.

Focus Keyword should be used repeatedly so that the user knows that it has been written only for him which can answer all his questions.

Check your website structure

The design of the website also has a lot of impact on the user experience and SEO i.e. the rank of the website because when the user comes, first of all he likes to see that for which he has come after doing keyword research. If he does not get the answer to his question then our website is useless for him because he has not found anything related to it due to which the user experience gets spoiled.

If we do not work keeping SEO in mind, then no matter how much we try, we cannot give a good experience to the user because we will mix all the information together due to which it may go up or down and the user will not be properly informed. Will be found and he will leave the website due to which our traffic will also reduce.