The first question that comes to the mind of many people who do not have technical knowledge is that if they do not have technical knowledge then how will they learn digital marketing, will they be able to understand that course and will the instructor understand? , them properly?

There are many types of questions in their mind, so the first question here is whether it is necessary to be technical to learn digital marketing, then the answer is no, some technical work may have to be done on the website but this work can be done by some other web developer. Can do. Every company has web developers.
If you are doing a course in digital marketing then you are a marketer. You do not need to have technical knowledge.

Neither in social media marketing, WhatsApp marketing, email marketing or while running ads on social media or search engine marketing, you do not have to do any technical work.

Meaning you do not have to do any technical work at all. Your developer will handle the technical part for you. You will not need to do this. there’s no need

1. The confusion: A challenge itself in the digital marketing class if you are not technical

There may be some confusion in your mind while doing digital marketing. When the trainer is teaching you, many times he will use some words that are technically beyond your understanding. If you don’t question them in difficult situations, confusion will increase, so ask questions and clear the confusion. Don’t let it grow because the trainer’s job is to teach you. While you don’t need to be a tech expert already, it’s important to ask so you don’t get confused.

2- Trainers are so quick to explain, & you don’t ask

Many times trainers teach at a very fast pace or their speaking style is very fast. Due to continuous and fast speaking, you do not get time to ask, which creates a lot of confusion. This is a big challenge. If your digital marketing class is of this type then always keep asking and do not let the confusion increase. It would be better if you told the trainers about this so that they can control the speed of their speaking so that even the slow-understanding students can understand it well.

3- Not having a computer for practice

If you are not technical then it is very unlikely that you have already purchased a computer or laptop. If you already have it then it is a good thing and if not then it can be a challenge for you. So if you want to avoid this problem in digital marketing class then you can take a laptop or low-cost PC. This will help you in your work and you will also be able to practice better.

4- You are not doing extra digital marketing classes or extra practice

If you don’t have any technical background and you don’t even practice, nor are you taking additional classes or reading any additional books, you will always be missing out on additional knowledge in digital marketing.

This is a big digital marketing challenge.

It is not possible to solve it in any marketing class because it is a matter of individual practice if you give extra time you get extra knowledge which increases extra skills inside you due to which you get better job opportunities than others.

Therefore, it is advised that along with smart work, you should also focus on hard work.