Most students who face problems in digital marketing have the most asked questions that which field is best for them, and how they start their careers in it, So we are here to solve this problem because we provide the best information about this topic. After reading I assure you that your all confusion can be clear.

Yes, digital marketing is the best way to take off your career because it has so many fields like :

1)SEO –  Search Engine Optimization

2)SMM – Social Media Marketing

3)PPC  – Pay per click

4) Contain Marketing

5)Affiliate Marketing

The best thing this that you have choices in this field.

Table of content

  • Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

  • Challenges in Digital Marketing

  • Steps to Start Career in Digital Marketing

  • Internship in Digital Marketing

Career Opportunites in Digital Marketing

Upon entering this field, students face numerous difficulties. Due to the variety of fields within digital marketing, students are frequently perplexed when deciding on a career. Digital marketing is something you only got into after becoming interested in it.

That’s because you won’t be able to stay in it for very long if you enter it without any interest. The difficulties pupils experience are listed below:

1)Digital Marketing Specialist-    

You can become a digital marketing Specialist after 4 to 5 Years of experience depending on your skill the job role of digital marketing specialists is they are Specialists in all fields of digital marketing SEO Social media, PPC, etc.

The Salary range of a digital marketer Specialist is 2 to 12 LPA depending on your experience in India.

2)SEO Specialist-

The SEO Specialist role is very important for website Optimization because, without an SEO Specialist, your website can not rank on the top page of google. They have knowledge of website Optimization and how to put a Keyword in an article.

The salary range of SEO specialists is 2 to 8 LPA depending on your experience in India. 

3)Social Media Specialist-

 A Social Media Specialist handles the various Social media channel of the Company and plan social media strategies of content and how many posts should go in a day to increase the online brand of the company.

The salary range of Social media specialists is between 2 to 10 LPA  depending on your experience in India.

4) PPC Specialist    

Pay-per-click Specialist has a very good knowledge of running ads they manage all ad campaigns of the company and plan what type of ads should be run  In the company to get more result.

The Salary range of a PPC Specialist is between 3 to 9 LPA depending on your experience in India.

5)Affiliate Marketing Specialist

 Affiliate marketing specialist has a great relationship with people and they have a great reach in the market for Affiliate Programs. They always research how Affiliate Marketing will work on their methods. If you have good relations with people then your salary range in Affiliate Program will be very high.

Challenges in Digital Marketing for Students

There are many challenges for students while entering this field. Students are always confused when choosing a career in digital marketing because of the various fields in it. You got into digital marketing only when you are interested in it.

That’s because if you come into it without any interest, you won’t be able to stay in it for long. Below are the Challenges faced by students:

1) While Choosing Institute –

It is very important to choose the right institute for learning. Student always goes to that institution that has a good rating on google and thinks that they are learning digital marketing. Because of so many institutes, the student chooses the wrong institute.

For this, you can take a demo class in the institute, this will give you an idea of which institute you can get to learn.

You can learn in delhidigiterguru if want here trainers are fully trained and you learn on a practical approach.

2) Lack of knowledge about the Digital marketing field.

Due to less knowledge about digital marketing student goes in the wrong career direction. They didn’t know about this field’s scope of it. They do not know how they can enter this field and earn online while at sitting home, wrong guidance also is challenging for digital marketers.

3) Due to Non Technical background

The non-Technical student faced problems when they enter this field because of some technical work involves in it, SEO  work is very important for digital marketing without SEO you can not rank your page on google.

The non-Technical student did not know about SEO so they find difficult in making a career in digital marketing and drop the idea of building a career in digital marketing.

Steps to Start  Career in Digital Marketing

You must be interested in digital marketing to begin a career in the field. because learning digital marketing techniques takes time. Because digital marketing spans several industries, including SEO, SMO, and PPC, it is impossible to learn everything about it in one day.

You must enroll in a digital marketing course, whether it is online or offline, in order to learn more about digital marketing.

The following steps will help you launch a career in digital marketing.

1) Pursue a Digital Marketing Course 

Firstly you have to enroll in any digital marketing course and learn the basic concepts of digital marketing because to start a career in it you should have knowledge of SEO, Social media, and PPC.

You can take a course online or offline.

There and many platforms that teach digital marketing like Delhi digital guru, Excelr Digital bootcampdigital, and many more in their class.

Students learn the practical approach to digital marketing and develop their skills which if students master it then they can easily get a job.

2) Create a strong Social media profile 

Creating a high-following social media profile helps to get the latest digital marketing update. Because every day new trends come into the market. Getting a high social media presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn helps in learning the demanding skills of digital marketing.

3) Start Finding jobs in digital marketing 

To start a Career in digital marketing ensure that you have a good portfolio on LinkedIn Naukri or any other job site because HR always looks for you to build a good portfolio as a digital marketer. Make sure that your resume is highlighted in the important point and mentions your skill and education.

You should apply on various platforms to get a fast response from HR for an interview.

4)Start as a freelancing job

You can start as a freelancer in digital marketing to get practical knowledge of it there are many jobs available on freelancing platforms you can start from one of them and it helps increase your skill and experience in digital marketing which helps while going for an interview.

Process of starting career in digital marketing

Internship in Digital Marketing

After completing a course in digital marketing, you must take an internship to gain practical experience. Prior to applying for a job, it is vital to complete an internship; there are numerous organizations and businesses that offer internships to students. Also, there are other websites like Internshala, LinkedIn, and Naukri where you can discover internships.

Few agencies where you start an internship in digital marketing 

1)Delhidigiterguru – Delhidigitalguru provides practical digital marketing you can join here to increase your skill in digitalmarketing . Here trainers are very supportive of you doing an internship here if you want more info go to

Address – J3, Arya samaj road, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, India

2 ) Ezrankings – Ezrankings are leading digital marketing agency in Delhi where you can Join as an intern in their team and learn digital marketing. Here also trainers are very supportive for more info go to their website 

Address- 203 F, Pocket -1, Mayur vihar, Phase-1, Delhi-110091, India

3) Brainwork Technologies – It is a top digital marketing agency in Delhi there branches are in foreign countries also, here you can upskill your digital marketing skill while doing an internship  for info go to their website 

Address70A/18, Third Floor, Rama Road Industrial Area, New Delhi- 110015 India.

4) Watt Consult – Watt consult is a digital marketing agency. they provide excellent work to their client their branch is located in Delhi. They provide services like SEO, Website designing, etc. You can join their team as an intern to learn the process of digital marketing for more info go to their website.

Address- 402, 4th Floor, MGF Mall, Near Select City Walk Mall, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi, 110017