Shortlisted for a social media marketing interview and want to know what kind of questions are going to put by the employer? Here are 5 Important Social Media Marketing Interview Questions and answers. Practice these to get confidence and get success in the interview. Besides this, always go through background research of the company. And also their social media handles if any.

List of 5 Basic Level Social Media Marketing Interview Questions and Answers :


1. What is Social Media Marketing?

Ans: Social media marketing is a process of attaining attention, increase website traffic, build your brand, and convert leads into customer through social media websites. Brands and individuals simply achieve this by publishing engaging content (videos and images) on their social media platforms. These content should be engaging with their followers, and running social media campaigns.

There are numerous social media platforms available to use. Most important social media channels having good popularity are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Q2. List down some of the popular social media tools.

Ans: List of some top social media tools to use your social media marketing strategies more effective:

OptinMonster: OptinMonster lets the advertiser engage with visitors at the perfect moment.

Tweepi: Tweepi helps you find relevant users interested in the topic of yours. You can engage with the users, following them and eventually make them follow you.

Social Clout: Social clout is a social media analytics tool which helps advertisers to track engagement and ROI.

Socedo: Socedo finds people who come under your buyer persona radius. After you find your audience, you can segregate them into multiple divisions, so you can promote content accordingly.

Audiense: Audiense is a social tool let’s you find new target audiences and categorize them.


Q3. How social media can benefit a business?

Ans: Social media helps business by building awareness of the business and their products. Social media is used to engaged with the potential or actual customer. These customers can directly talk to the brand. Using organic way of social media cost nothing to company but require more efforts. And, social media paid campaigns are relatively cheaper than many other online campaigns. Social media reaches all demographics.

Regular posting can increase brand awareness and build a trust in the customer. People who are online can share with their relatives which increases audience base. Apart from all these, it also increases your website traffic, generate leads, boosting sales, helps you reach influencers and improve your visibility, helps you promoting your content.

Q4. How do you measure social media success?

Ans:  Social media success depends on the goal of the campaign. Goals are set by the organization itself. Whether it is to get conversion, or just wanting to engage customer to your content. Or else you want to reach more number of audience. A company can also set goal to gain traffic to the site by clicking the url of the website written on the social media.

In brief we can say that these are the  metrics we can track to understand the success of the campaign:

  • Reach of your posts
  • Comments and replies to the posts
  • Likes and reaction to the posts
  • Follower growth
  • Track Mentions
  • Social traffic to the website
  • Sharing numbers of the posts

Q5. How to use Social Media to help website blog promotion?

Ans: We can use the following strategies to utilize social media for blog promotion.

  • Sharing and promoting content across various platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Create a short video about the blog post and share on video sharing platforms such as YouTube.
  • Convert them into infographics and share on sites such as Instagram
  • Make different boards on Pinterest and promote the content with website blog url on Pinterest.
  • Use sites such as SlideShare and give a backlink to your blog post.
  • Implementing social media sharing buttons on the blog.
    If the blog post mentions a famous personality. it is recommended to tag them to the post.


Keep practicing with these Social Media Marketing Interview Questions and answers; and carefully research the company’s online presence.